Are You Just Starting on Twitter? Start Here…

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I’m not sure what’s happened since 2012 started, but social networking use has exploded. I see it in Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and, yes, Google+. I don’t care what the news media is saying; regardless of how much Google skew’s their numbers, I can tell you as a user of all the above platforms that […]

SEO Fast Food: I’ll Take #1 Ranking with That, but Hold the Fries

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Sometimes it seems like people think SEO is the fast food of online marketing… Potential client pulls up to the order window. “Yeah, um, I’ll take first place ranking for that extremely competitive key term? But, uh, hold the long tail.” The optimizer on the other end of the speaker starts calculating costs, time and manpower. “Of course – and you want that when?” “Now, please.”

Looking for Better Search Engine Placement?


Why? Can’t you just, you know, put up a website and get automatic clicks to your website? Well, if you’ve been a website owner for more than a few months, you already know the answer to this. Without a strong placement in the search engines, you’re always going to be scraping the bottom of the online business barrel.

Encourage and Engage for SEO and All Mankind

Engage for SEO and All Mankind

I have a secret you may not know. The Article Archive is based on the idea of promoting the Level343 website, gaining more clients and enticing to visitors to engage with us. I mean, we’re a company that actually sells SEO services. We want people to RT our conversations on Twitter, fan us on Facebook, […]

SEO and The Case of the Sticky Site: How’d They Do That?

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Have you ever seen a site or blog that always seems to get tons of readers and traffic? Everything they touch turns to gold, doesn’t it? Did you ever wonder if they’ve SEO’d or not? Well, in the industry, it’s easy to see if someone’s been optimizing and how much they actually know vs. guessing. […]

5 Tips to Figuring SEO Into Your Business Management Time

You’re buried under paperwork, you barely have time for a snack lunch if that, and some salesperson comes along with a smile on their face to say, “You know you need SEO to make it in the online world, right?” They then add, “Since SEO is a long-term endeavor and takes a lot of time, your best bet is to hire someone.” Wow – what a sales gimmick.

Why Do Professional SEOs Push Google Analytics?

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Before we get into our SEO services with a client, one of the first things we say is “Do you have analytics installed on your site?” We aren’t the only ones; in fact, some form of analytics is preferable for thousands of professional SEOs. Why? What’s with Google Analytics and other analytics programs? What can […]

What’s This On-Page Optimization Stuff?

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If you’ve been researching SEO, reading different articles about it and learning the “tricks of the trade”, you’ve probably run across the terms “on page” and “off page” optimization countless times. What you may not know is what the terms mean or how to do them. Here’s a little insight. On-Page SEO – This deals […]

How to Write an SEO Article

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(Editors note this post has been updated & changed) As a copywriter for many years, I had no idea how to optimize an article for the web…But I knew enough to know that anything you write has to convert your readers. Sure different styles, whether using an emotional approach or informational approach, will depend on […]

The #1 Traffic Builder – Hint: It’s Probably Not What You Think

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Here at Level343, we often talk about SEO; it’s what we do, after all. However, we often skip over things in an attempt to give you information on gaining traffic in a concise, clear manner. Today, we’re going to talk about the largest reason why businesses hire SEO providers. So – why do businesses hire […]