Facts About Social Media

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

The recurring question I’ve been hearing more and more is – Does Social media help? I can assure you when it comes to marketing and SEO, consultants have pondered, discussed, regurgitated this very topic at least once a month. Now it’s a matter of figuring out which social network makes sense and why should our […]

How To Use Twitter in Social Media


As a business owner, CEO or the head of an International marketing department it is imperative to keep up with the changing of the times. Unfortunately, many in the upper echelons of business stick with what they know works rather than trying something new. Instead of expansion, they stagnate, and many eventually fail. With the […]

Are You Beating a Social Media Drum… or a Pot?


You don’t have to be a guru to make a lot of noise – did you know that? A two year old can make a ton of noise and get lots of attention just by banging on a pot with a wooden spoon.  Ask anyone who’s spent any time around a child. So ask yourself […]

Facebook Timeline – Pros and Cons for the Personal Professional


Have you noticed how social networks are becoming more about building memories? You make friends, share events, get congratulated for happy events and condolences for sad ones. You can share pictures, videos… in fact, social accounts are like the digital scrapbooks of our lives (for individual accounts) and businesses (for corporate accounts). Now, I’m immersed […]

12 Steps to Creating a Business Blog


We’re buried in the Internet day in and day out. Being surrounded by the very things we talk about, it’s hard to remember sometimes that some people don’t have so much as the basics. Today, we’re going to walk you through one of the foundations of traffic building – a company blog. From the concept to the reality, here’s a step-by-step process to creating a company blog for traffic generation.

It’s Relationships, Stupid! The Small Business Return on Relationships

Since I’ve been living in the South, I can’t help but fall in love with people like political strategist James Carville who announced, “It’s the economy, stupid”. He was explaining how a virtual unknown political candidate won against an opponent who had everything going for him. In his mind, people think—and vote—with their bank accounts.

Online Marketing: 7 Reasons You Don’t Need Social Media Networks

It seems like every time a new social media network pops up, a fresh spate of articles are sure to follow. These cookie cutter articles tout all the many wondrous, fantastic reasons you should hop on, jump in and climb on the bandwagon. Well, we say “enough”! Social media has enough cheerleaders, pro-social arguments and lessons. It’s time somebody put their foot down, and brought up some points about why you don’t need social media.

Random Thoughts from the Disconnected Business Owner

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There’s nothing like getting off the grid for three weeks. Funny thing is, I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would. Sure, I missed my morning routine: my home, Lucy and, of course, my social connections. That’s on a personal level, though. I’ll admit I also missed working on projects, finding solutions and the focus of mind that comes when getting ready for the next conference call. We become such creatures of habit, don’t we? Especially, it seems, when working online.

Google Social Search – Tweeted to Numero Uno

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A while back, we came across an article on Search News Central (SNC) by search geek David Harry, entitled Google Social Search; seriously, WTF people? In this article, Harry asks why social search seems to have been ignored by the SEO industry as a whole. Another article on SEOMoz, by Rand Fish, also discusses these changes. Both articles are worth reading – for the content AND the pretty pictures. However, in the meantime, let’s talk a little bit about Google Social, in terms of optimization and search. In case you haven’t heard the news, there’s a lot going on…

Social Media Measuring: The 4 Key Elements

Hootsuite analytics anyone? A sequel to Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts, Social Media Measuring: The 4 Key Elements will take you through the ins and outs of Hootsuite analytics for Twitter and Facebook. Learn how to measure your approach, no matter what type of social media campaign you’re running.