Evaluating Web Pages | Is Your Informational Site Research Worthy?

Trust Stones

What is the purpose of your website? Actually, let’s ask this question a different way. Do you have a section on your site dedicated to informing your visitors about [your topic]? This blog is a good example; we use the Level343 SEO Article Archive for all things online marketing. Each blog post is an additional […]

I Really Want to Buy This From You…


Do you remember back in prehistoric times (i.e. before the Internet, Google and one-click payments) when you walked into a store, found what you wanted, looked at the price tag, walked to the counter and paid for it? As a woman who hates to shop (yes, there are some), this was my kind of buying. […]

How Do You Convert Readers To Buyers?


How many times have you read or heard about how to generate more traffic? It always sounds easy, doesn’t it? Very seldom does someone actually tell you it’s difficult; they brush it over with, “well, you have to have a great marketing campaign, followers and so on.” They then continue with their diatribe of how wonderful their suggestions are, and how you should be sure to try them out.

Copywriting, Content Development and Strategies

Shocking Really

Copywriting and content development are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. Gasping in horror while I write this- however, although they’re both part of a package, they deal with separate issues. Granted, if you are not in the industry then you may very well not know the difference. So pull up a chair and let me break it down for you.