STOP Using Twitter – You’re Just Not Doing it Right!

*Deep breath* - Okay, I sometimes have these melt downs when I’m on Twitter. Today is one of those days. I’ve written so many articles on how to use Twitter, I just can’t do it again but you can read all of them here.

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How To Use Twitter in Social Media

As a business owner, CEO or the head of an International marketing department it is imperative to keep up with the changing of the times. Unfortunately, many in the upper echelons of business stick with what they know works rather than trying something new. Instead of expansion, they stagnate, and many eventually fail.

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Become a Twitter Power User

Titter Power User It’s been a while since I wrote an article on Twitter. But since I’ve moved back to San Francisco, I’ve doubled my usage of Twitter in clients' social media campaigns. Maybe it’s because I’m so [...]

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Social Media Tips

When you’ve created a great piece of content, you want to get it in front of as many eyeballs as you can. There are countless ways to create exposure online and creating a systematic approach is often the best way [...]

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6 Twitter Mistakes Every Business Owners Should Avoid

There are over 500 million people registered on Twitter and growing. With about 750 tweets posted per second and 300,000 new visitors each day, it just shows how much Twitter has grown since it was first launched in 2006.  On [...]

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Are You Just Starting on Twitter? Start Here…

I’m not sure what’s happened since 2012 started, but social networking use has exploded. I see it in Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Scoop.it and, yes, Google+. I don’t care what the news media is saying; regardless of how much Google skew’s [...]

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Avoid the Social Media Graveyard: Social With a Plan

For many, social media – in all its forms – is a steady diet of information, entertainment and interaction. It is the ultimate snack bar for informavores, serving up tasty bit-sized nuggets to tempt, tantalize, follow and consume. Therefore, it’s blatantly obvious when a part of the snack bar closes. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when that happens. Little frustrates me more than stumbling upon a social media gravesite: the dead remnants of a poorly thought out social campaign. You’ve seen it, too, I’m sure.

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Social Branding, Sheeple and Plans – What’s In Your Network?

I don’t know about you, but I’m busy, very busy. While I was away, as we all know, Google decided to throw their hat into the social circle with Google +. Don’t worry; I promise this isn’t about G Plus, but about managing your social. I don’t care if it’s a Facebook killer or if it will wipe Twitter out of the game; I don’t have any stock invested in any of these companies. What I’m invested in is the future of my clients and my business, no matter which corporate entity ends up on top.

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Hunting for the Perfect Social Networking Platform – When HootSuite Sucks

Many people spend time talking about what you say when you’re using social media. This isn’t one of those posts. This is a post about what you use for your social media. Most of the ways to talk with people are right in front of you, in this little electronic box; we’ve all embraced social networks in one way or another. I’ve been chatting away with virtual strangers for years, whether in chat rooms, through instant messages and even with AOL. In fact, people have been communicating virtually with others now for more than two decades.

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Yes, Mr. CEO – Social Media is Your Friend

I’ve been asked by several companies to speak to their PR department about their respective social media presences. As much as I’d love to take them up on the offers, though, I thought I’d at least take the time to figure out the problems they’re having.

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