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100+ Twitter Applications Part 4: Maps, Polls, Translators and RSS Feeds

Editor’s note: Due to the large amount of spammers this post series has attracted, we are closing comments. However, we’ve pulled all the posts together into one! You can now see the entire list of fantastic Twitter applications in our free ebook download: 100+ Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing

– And the list continues! Between Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, we covered 121 Twitter applications for business, fun and social sharing. Today’s Part 4 continues the list with 21 more Twitter apps, from creating polls and translating messages to spying on other parts of the Twitterverse!


Create polls. Why? Why not? You can gather quick information such as the demographics of your followers or have a little fun with a question as simple as “what flavor of ice cream do you like?” Get started with these four Twitter polling applications.

  1. StrawPoll – Who doesn’t love straw polls? On the spot, quick and informative. The sign up is pretty easy, not to mention when you get a poll up and going it has a chance to appear on the homepage of StrawPoll. My only complaint is that the color scheme changes completely. It really throws off the experience.
  2. PollDaddy is similar to StrawPoll, but what I really like about this one is the fact you don’t have to register with the site in order to use it. Probably the quickest way to get a poll up and going on Twitter. This site really adheres to the K.I.S.S. theory. (keep it simple stupid)
  3. Poll Your Followers really has simple down. This site is just as easy as PollDaddy to get a poll up and going. Scrolling down reveals the most recent created polls, in addition to which have been the most popular for the day.
  4. TwtPoll has a few more bells and whistles than the other sites, and is geared towards businesses. Not to say regular users can’t try it out, I just don’t see garden-variety Twitter users paying for demographic information. The survey function is pretty neat, but again this is more for businesses seeking to get the most out of their Twitter account.


Easily translate messages in multiple languages. As mentioned in the descriptions below, there’s some concern about accuracy. If you need to translate something for business purposes, you might want to use something else; the translations aren’t guaranteed.

  1. TweetTranslate – I honestly thought this site was going be pretty cool when I got to it. Then I scrolled down and saw a few…shall we say ‘spammy’ links in the footer? I get they might be paid space, but come on! If those don’t make you chuckle even a little, you aren’t a geek. Aside from that, the translation is pretty swift, but my question is, how accurate is it?
  2. LiveTranslate isn’t bad; I like this layout better than TweetTranslate. This site also has more than 40 languages – 41 to be exact. Again, I question the accuracy. It seems to be using the same as Google Translation, which we all know is just so perfect.
  3. Tweetrans has 51 translations, the most out of the four, and provides some good instructions on how to use it effectively. None of these sites even mention relevancy, which I think is a problem. I mean, if I were to send @SEOcopy a tweet in Italian I’d want it done correctly. Not done badly so she thinks I’m more of a twetard than she already does 😛
  4. Twinslator – Ahh Twinslator. The most pathetic of the bunch. In teeny, tiny print at the bottom is says, ‘Powered by Google Translator’. ‘Nuff said. The only plus is that they admit they use the service. Am I knocking Google Translator? No, but there are better means to get an accurate translation. They may not be free, but you get what you pay for.

Maps and Geolocation

Now, there’s a really cool aspect about the following applications. They made me realize how small the world is after all. With these Twitter apps you can find input your location, look for local users, map it, Tweet it and call it a day!

  1. Twittervision has a list of Twitter users plugged in around the world from what I can gather. Kind of cool; too bad they don’t have an information page they can share with new users (hint, hint). Of course, that’s probably why they’re in Beta.
  2. Twittermap lets you lay back and enjoy the Twittersphere. Just press the “play” button to start. Alternatively, you can enter something in the search field and see tweets regarding the search, a nearby city, or find people in your area.
  3. seems to be a useful tool if you’re connected. Share your own map. Organizing a party or event? Meeting at a bar or cafe? Do you have visitors coming to your home or office? Learn how to create and send them a map.
  4. Twitter Spy seems to have a new addition, aptly named Twittermusic. I don’t know about you, but Twitter Spy sounds 007, stealth, which gives me a grin. Apparently, you can spy on your followers once you sign in or spy on the Twitter public timeline in real time. The bells and whistle seems to be a world map for the added visual. Look out James Bond!
  5. Stweet is actually cool. It’s a mix of street and twitt, offering a real new way to discover geolocalised twitts from Twitter on a Google Street View panorama. Stweet is an artistic project dealing with the appropriation of geographical, photographic and real-time data from the Web.
  6. GeoCodEarth is a flash site with very cool and neat visuals. It’s based on a GEORSS feed that will give you the globe and various social media feeds you can add. Unfortunately, their English is poor and I really could not make out how to use it… unless, of course, I wanted to sign in.
  7. TrendsMap is a real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world. See what the global, collective mass of humanity is discussing right now. The nice thing about this is all keywords are in a visual cloud.
  8. TweetMondo is an application that allows you to find other Twitter users based on their geographical area. They gather this information from various sources from Twitter profiles mobile applications etc. Nice networking tool.
  9. GeoChirp creators say, “GeoChirp can be a very useful tool for people who know what they are looking for and it can also be innovatively used for marketing.” Hmm… So, if you know what you’re looking for and where, GeoChirp comes in handy. If you have a product and a place to sell it, GeoChirp comes in handy. If you know that you just want to look around… ah, well… you can’t have everything. It does, however, come with a “no register, no login” bonus, so you can have “most” things.
  10. Nearby Tweets is something I can see being used for marketing…Nearby Tweets is a geography-centric Twitter tool (localizing Twitter) for social networking, building customer relationships, and monitoring real-time buzz. Where do you start finding relevance in 12,000 tweets? There are 195 countries in the world and chances are you’re most interested in the tweets of only one city in only one of those countries—where you live.

Rss Feeds

Publish the RSS feed for a personal website or blog on Twitter. Now here is an amazing list of RSS feeds that can really connect you with social networks through your Twitter account. I had no idea these tools were around. Did you?

  1. They have several options from distributing content to your social networks. You can measure your audience engagement and reach across your social networks. You can even grow and promote audience participation with real-tim (PuSH) updates, search-friendly posts and content targeting to specific social nets.
  2. Twitterfeed seems to be growing, publishing over one million feeds. Makes you wonder what you’re missing. Twitterfeed is working on increasing how quick the posts hit the Twitter scene, so you can publish real time content every time.
  3. Rss2Twitter claims to be the “simplest and fastest way to automatically publish any site that has RSS feeds to Twitter including blogs and news sites!” Maybe… but I was too busy creating this list to try it out. Let me know how it works!

Whew! 142 Twitter applications and one more installment on the way. Part 5 will cover a slew of applications, from the cool to the decidedly strange. Of course, when it’s all said and done we’ll have to add another one covering all the reader-suggested entries.

I would like to thank Joshua Titsworth (SEO Analyst at Vizion Interactive) for helping me muddle through these applications. You can follow him on Twitter since he is  an avid twitterer as well as blogger. He is passionate about all things Internet related and loves learning about new tools and methods. When missing online Josh can be found hunting shanked golf balls across public courses across Kansas and Arkansas.

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