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100 + Twitter Apps Part 2: Search the World of Tweets

Editor’s note: Due to the large amount of spammers this post series has attracted, we are closing comments. However, we’ve pulled all the posts together into one! You can now see the entire list of fantastic Twitter applications in our free ebook download: 100+ Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing

In part one of “100+ Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing” I covered 51 anti-spam, social sharing, games and group Twitter applications. Here in part two, you’ll find 31 applications for search. With everyone talking about real-time search, using these tools will help you find out what everyone really is discussing on Twitter, in real time. Let’s begin!

Search Images and Videos

People upload videos and images all the time. Posted links are quickly buried in the billions of tweets sent out a day, however; those videos and images can disappear in less than a half hour. Here are some tools to help you find them quickly.

  1. TwiPho is the image search for Twitter. If a photo is uploaded to Twitter, it will be placed here. The site seems to be indexing photos based on words in the tweet in addition to the file name. The site is in beta, but it’s cool to look at the photos twits are tweeting.
  2. TwitCaps is an image/video search for Twitter that is very frustrating. The moment I got to this page, I hated it. As soon as an image is uploaded to Twitter, it shows up on this site – and when I mean as soon as, I mean right then. It appears to anyway. The photos were popping on the screen so fast I could barely focus on one before it moved aside. Again, very frustrating. Upon a second look, I did manage to find a button to slow down the upload, but the button is hard to locate and the stream of images flowing in is very distracting when attempting to locate said button. Still, it may be worth a look.
  3. PicFog has what TwitCaps needs: a pop-up that warns the user on how the images can stream in and offers the user an “off” option. It’s much more user friendly. Another big plus is that it displays cautions that photos streaming live may not be safe for work. Then again, you don’t use Twitter when you’re at work do you? 😉
  4. Twicsy is a cross between TwiPho and Twitcaps. It displays ‘trending topics’ for pics on Twitter and breaks them up into categories. It doesn’t provide any warning if the images are safe for work, however. It seems cluttered, and honestly I find their definition of ‘trending topics’ questionable when compared to Twitter’s homepage. In this case, TwiPho is more accurate.
  5. Twitmatic focuses on uploaded videos. A little warning would’ve been nice when I clicked on View Videos. I was thrown to a file titled ‘Jean Bulges’ which began a YouTube video with an upbeat tempo and a slideshow of guys wearing tight jeans with… well, read the file name again. Other than that, browsing the videos was pretty simple.


Find people, companies and products on Twitter with the help of specialized directories. Searching for a specific product but can’t find it? Do you want to know what people are saying about you, your brand or your company? Maybe you just want a list of Tweeters that specialize in this service or that. With this list, you’ll never have a problem finding anything on Twitter again.

  1. WeFollow is a place where users can add themselves in hopes of gaining some followers and connecting with those in the same category.
  2. Twellow is the Yellowbook of Twitter! It allows users to search for businesses, local tweeters, and add themselves to the growing database. The layout itself is pretty basic and similar to that of most directory sites.
  3. TwitR claims to be the #1 Twitter directory. Like Twellow, it offers users a chance to add themselves and search for categories. One cool aspect is it lists the top Twitter accounts by followers in each category or ‘tag’. From a quick search, it’s easy to see there are a few Twitter accounts not registered that would clearly be at the top of these lists. It’s definitely another source to increase your social presence.
  4. Just Tweet It is slightly confusing at first; the layout is very similar to that of the Huffington Post, minus the large images and automatic ads. This site offers not only a Twitter account directory, but also a Twitter tool directory. They also have some links to interesting Twitter blogs. This site obviously offers more than just a standard directory.
  5. My Twitter Directory is probably the most comprehensive searchable directory on this list. ‘My Twitter Directory’ offers a lot to browse and language translation. Clean professional layout, very inviting. Oh, did I mention you can add yourself to this one? ‘Cuz you can.
  6. TwitWho seems to be an attempt at becoming the DMOZ of Twitter directories. A human-edited site, it accurately places accounts in appropriate categories rather than letting users choose them. One good thing about directories like this is the massive cutback of spam accounts that may be found. Simple, easy to navigate and even allows users a chance to become a moderator to help.
  7. Twibs,not to be confused with Twibes, is a Twitter directory geared on adding and exhibiting business accounts on Twitter. This can be pretty effective to see which accounts are more active, and what the account activity is like.
  8. GeoFollow allows users to search for accounts geographically. Users can add their account for free, or purchase a ‘featured’ listing and get first placement when someone searches in your area. However, if there are only three people signed up in your city, why pay?

Search Engines

Search for information, news and topics in Twitter. Now this is more like it. Here are some useful tools everyone can enjoy, a great list of tools for tracking, watching your activity and watching your popularity.

  1. Twitseek is a search engine for any word or person you want to keep track of. I submitted my user name and it pulled all my Tweets for the day.
  2. Twingly is a blog search engine featuring a spam-free, faceted, social search for the global blogosphere. Without any marketing, currently serves 25M+ search results per month, most through their API.
  3. WhosTalkin? is clean, self-explanatory and pulls up some amazing information. is a social media search tool that allows users to search for conversations surrounding the topics that they care about most, no matter what that topic is.
  4. Tweefind is another great search tool with a filter feature. It seems to pull everything out on the Web in real time.
  5. Social Mention is like Google Alerts, but for social media. Pick your topic, brand, company, person, etc. and get free daily email alerts. Hint: it’s a good application for easy reputation management; you can quickly respond to any negative or positive press.
  6. Twazzup operates a leading real-time news platform, filtering the news from billions of Internet pages, blogs, links and more.
  7. OneRiot crawls the links people share on Twitter, Digg and other social sharing services, and then quickly indexes the content on those pages. The result is the freshest, most socially relevant content from across the real time Web.
  8. Tweetmi is very cool. I’ve never used it, but the beauty of researching application is watching them work. Not only does Tweetmi give you all the real time information you post, but it also gives you how many times your posts have been RT’d. This app has been added to my Twitter toolbox.
  9. Twuet is a cool tool for sure. You can add a Twitter search box to your site with features like popular trends and hash tags.
  10. Twoogle is interesting, to say the least. You can search Twitter and Google at the same time.
  11. CrowdEye is for those obsessed with real time, social and search, just like its creators. Simply put, it helps you keep your thumb on the pulse of what “the crowd” is thinking about any situation or topic. CrowdEye is an excellent source for blogging inspiration.
  12. Bing Twitter gives you the hottest topics on Twitter, fed by Bing.
  13. Collecta works differently then existing search methods. Here is a short video that explains about it.
  14. Scoopler’s mission is to make it easy to know what’s happening right now. It’s a real-time search engine that gives you access to new information on the Web faster than ever before. Try it and see for yourself.
  15. Topsy is a new kind of search engine, with a new way of looking at the Internet. Topsy doesn’t think the Internet is a collection of documents or even a web of documents. It sees the Internet as a stream of conversations.
  16. Tweetzi is an easy-to-use Twitter search tool that provides an optimized search interface into the real-time world of Twitter. Use it to find and tease out useful information from the millions of tweets that make up the ‘Twittersphere’.
  17. ItPints is another new real time Web search engine. You can search on the most popular Web 2.0 sites and see what everyone is publishing in real time.
  18. Sency works to bring the most relevant information back for your search term. It includes a spam filter to block irrelevant links, and you can read their search tips to get a better idea of what types of searches work best with Sency.

With the above Twitter search tools, you don’t have to wonder what people are talking about, what they think, or even what they think about you. These applications make it easy to find out anything you want to know, including who posted blogs listing Twitter applications (yup, we’ll be on there).

I hope you enjoy the list and, as always, if you have a Twitter application you’d like to see added, let us know! The list can only get bigger, more fantastic and more helpful for the “Twittersphere”.

I would like to thank Joshua Titsworth (SEO Analyst at Vizion Interactive) for helping me muddle through these applications. You can follow him on Twitter since he is  an avid twitterer as well as blogger. He is passionate about all things Internet related and loves learning about new tools and methods. When missing online Josh can be found hunting shanked golf balls across public courses across Kansas and Arkansas.

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