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Looking for LoveHello, dear readers! Welcome to the new dawn, the new day, the new millennium of do follow! Okay, okay, so the “do follow” attribute isn’t new… but it’s a change for us. Since it’s inception, the Article Archive has been a “no follow” or “external no follow”. We’ve been messing around with the idea of a change, but came up against the wall of DISQUS.

Darling DISQUS is a neat little commenting system. It’s great – you sign in to comment and people can read your profile, etc, etc, etc. This is, supposedly, an easy way of keeping track and managing your comments (easy way compared to the regular ole’ WordPress Admin comment system). We finally started looking for plugins to strip the “no follow” attribute from the comments.

After several trials and errors, we noticed that none of the plugins seemed to work. Meanwhile, all of our comments are being stored on the DISQUS system – which, it seems, sets the comments to “external no follow” whether you want them to or not. Unfortunately, the only way to take that irritating little attribute off is to uninstall DISQUS. Just as unfortunately, we lost some of our comments when we did uninstall the plugin.

The good news is that we finally found a beauty of a plugin: Denis de Bernardy’s  Do Follow. Now any links you put in your comments will be followed, like we feel they should be.

A little bit of the thinking behind changing to “do follow”:

  1. We like link love.
  2. We figure others like link love.
  3. We’re building an informational blog, and links are a great way to share information.
  4. People would be more willing to drop those informational links into our comments if they’re going to get a little link juice for it.

-And, like all great mathematicians, we added 2 + 2, came up with 6 and promptly changed to “do follow”.

There ARE rules, however (sorry, rebels):

  1. Comments WILL be moderated before acceptance.
  2. Comments MUST be relevant to the Article Archive topics or the current blog you’re commenting on.
  3. Links will be followed before acceptance to check the end page. Spammy links will be deleted and the commenter will be black listed.
  4. You WILL have fun, or we will MAKE you have fun.

Let the information sharing begin!

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