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What Is Inbound Marketing?

Can I help it that I am smiling from ear to ear? I have been floating on air for the last 24 hours. Let me explain. I have been telling our clients and writers alike to engage with our readers for quite sometime. Of course, their response is "yes" then they never do anything about it, or should I say their response is “I never get anything out of it”. Quite honestly, I wonder if people know what "Engage with your readers" really means.

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Twitter Et All

  (Editors update: on some of the Twitter tools I did not want to list... they now seem as important as ever. We wrote 5 posts on over 160 Twitter tools) Since I have been on Twitter I have seen the oddest widgets and gadgets popping up. Sure - give me more bookmarks and reasons to have a long list!  Not. Look - you have to be conscientious and proactive when dealing with a new Social networking outlet.  I should know; I work on the Internet.  We try, and sometimes are quite successful, at new software, gadgets and media.  With that said,...

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Is there ANY Good News in This Current Controversy?

In the midst of the rain and fog that is the on-going controversy within the SEO community surrounding the current changes in search engine policies and procedures, one has to ask: is there any ray of sunshine, any silver-lining? What (if any) is the good news in all of this? This is the question that people all over the world have been asking for some time. They continually read about the complaints from search engine execs who are getting sick and tired of getting nothing but paid results generated in the SEO fashion, and they are wondering what it...



These three acronyms, SEM/SEO/PPC can make all the difference to the staying power of your online business. They stand for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and are the true backbone of online business.

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