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SEM vs SEO: Clarification Needed

The clarification of SEM vs SEO is pretty simple. Yet, for some reason and for many people, it is still very much needed. For example, just recently I read a top SEM guy equate the two. And there I was, thinking that he, of all people, should get it. But I guess not. I guess there is still uncertainty about what each one is and whether or not they are interchangeable terms. So I would like to clarify. Maybe it really isn’t necessary, but here we go. Simply put: SEM and SEO are NOT the same thing. They are not...

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Step Right Up: Get Your Free Market Research Here!

Each year, many companies venture out into the business world without the most important piece of ammunition for their success:  market research.  While clouded by the dual belief that market research is needed for companies intending to earn business through cold calls or market research is too expensive for the average company, the failure to properly understand your market segmentation can lead to costly errors and loss of potential sales.  In many cases, companies proceed into deep level development of new products or services without knowing if the market will support their cost structure or pricing strategy. Some of the...

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“Big Brother” Google Steps on SEOs

I like Google, I really do.  As a “white hat” Organic SEO company, Level343 has supported Google again and again.  When Google pushed for SEO guidelines, we backed them.  When they made it possible for people to see others’ houses on Google Maps, I thought, “Well, why not?  Just make sure your yard’s clean.” A while back Google said it’s best to put “nofollow” on paid links and anyplace else you don’t want the crawlers going to.  Then, two days ago, Matt Cutts (part of Google’s Search Quality team) says don’t use the nofollow tag on anything but the paid...

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Merging Keyword Strategies and Effective Copy writing

Writing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) articles is the exciting mixture of developing keyword strategies that will generate a response from various search engines. SEO articles merge those keywords into unique copy writing material that engages and holds the reader. SEO copy writing creates articles that reach the marketplace in two ways. The first is by anticipating the search terms utilized by the readership. The second is by employing those search keywords to establish links from the reader to the destination site through the search engine.

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On-page Optimization: Keywords and SEO Articles

As a writer of SEO articles, I've been asked several times what keywords are and what SEO means. The meaning is easy: Search Engine Optimization. The explanation is difficult, because there are so many SEO tools for on-page optimization, the information would fill a thick book. I can, however, give a brief explanation of how the articles work and what SEO is all about. When building a web presence, the main consideration is how to bring quality views, known as clicks, to your website. One of the ways to do this is by creating optimized articles using key words and...

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