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Focused Traffic – It’s all in the Approach

We all want paying traffic, right? “We” includes Level343. Today, I was inspired by a video that solidified what I’ve been doing for traffic, without knowing I was doing it. Within a few hours of watching the video, I closed a client. Now, granted, I have been talking with this person for a few weeks, building the relationship as it were, and then BANG! It happened. They became a client. (more…)

Looking for Speed

Why Do Professional SEOs Push Google Analytics?

Before we get into our SEO services with a client, one of the first things we say is “Do you have analytics installed on your site?” We aren’t the only ones; in fact, some form of analytics is preferable for thousands of professional SEOs. Why? What’s with Google Analytics and other analytics programs? What can we learn? [Editors Note: Due to the amount of time people have spent complaining that we said "Google Analytics" rather than "analytics program", we made a few changes to the above paragraph to clarify. We hope that more people will now be able to look...


Google Rankings: Speed is Key

Google is all about the user experience. The newest addition to their algorithm is no exception. The big daddy search engine announced April 9th that they are now taking the speed of a website into consideration for search rankings. There has been much clamoring for this within Google for a while, and they had promised last year to begin taking this into account in some manner. It seems that promise is now being fulfilled. The number one reason to make speed a factor for ranking? User experience. Faster sites statistically perform better with users. But Google points out that not...

Graph of Google Algo's

What’s This On-Page Optimization Stuff?

If you’ve been researching SEO, reading different articles about it and learning the “tricks of the trade”, you’ve probably run across the terms “on page” and “off page” optimization countless times. What you may not know is what the terms mean or how to do them. Here’s a little insight. On-Page SEO – This deals with just your website. If someone mentions on-page optimization, they’re talking about your code and your content. Off-page SEO – Everything else. If you’re building your own campaign or hiring a SEO company, on page optimization is the first place to start. It is essential...

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