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Dead End Sign

Google Takes Over – Search on Their Terms, Not Yours

Two big things have hit the search engine streets from Google’s front door that may change the history of how we get our search results forever – and that’s not an exaggeration. Change #1: It was December 4th, 2009, at precisely 3:01 PM. The day had been going nicely, optimizers going about the business of getting clients into the top rankings. It was peaceful, it was quiet; it was a normal business day. Until Google stepped in. “Hey you guys,” Google says, “I have this great idea. You remember personalized search?” Everybody allowed as how, yes they had heard of personalized search and,...

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Once There was

Too Slow for SEO: Keep your website from falling off Google’s map

Good riddance to bad rubbish. “No more waiting for slow sites to open and a faster web for everyone” is Google’s theory behind possibly updating their algorithm to give lower ranking to sites with slow load times. A few naysayers are crying foul because this equates to a preference for big businesses with fast site opening times and the capital to improve site speed when their Google rankings fall. Is this necessarily a bad thing for those in SEO? Probably not. Improving the download speed of a website can be easily and inexpensively accomplished, and with already good SEO in...

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Broken Links

What’s Next From Google?

“Dear Google, you are the granddaddy of all search engines… Can you please make sure my is found on page 1 as my Christmas gift this year? I promise I will promote and use all your latest bells and whistles added to the already oh, so useful tools. I promise to gasp every time you come out with a tool I don’t use or have no reason to ever use. Last but not least, I promise I won’t ever tell people you're a bully.”

Looking for Love in Search

Omg “Do Follow” – Let The Commenting Begin!

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to the new dawn, the new day, the new millennium of do follow! Okay, okay, so the "do follow" attribute isn't new... but it's a change for us. Since its inception, the Article Archive has been a "no follow" or "external no follow". We've been messing around with the idea of a change, but came up against the wall of DISQUS. Darling DISQUS is a neat little commenting system. It's great - you sign in to comment and people can read your profile, etc, etc, etc. This is, supposedly, an easy way of keeping track and...

Link Building

The Real Deal on Link Building

Directory Submissions & Article Marketing Directory submissions and article marketing are touted as two of the top ways to develop a slew of links, raise your traffic and get those conversions. Many who pick up knowledge of SEO around the Net jump on directory submissions because it sounds like an easy form of SEO. It is, but it’s also time consuming, and the same can be said for article marketing. In fact, if you’re doing your own website SEO with these two tactics and it’s not taking a long time, you’re probably doing it wrong. Article Marketing Article marketing works something like this: ...

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