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Selling Your Product: Focusing on the 4 Ps Marketing Mix

A product is perhaps the most important element of the marketing mix. The marketing mix is a tool that helps marketers and business owners understand the best means of offering their product, service, or information to consumers. Without a product, [...]

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How to Get More CTA Clicks on Your Pages Without Annoying Your Visitors

  By now, we are pretty sure that you’ve mastered every skill needed to bring traffic to your site. But, after dealing with SEO and getting actual traffic, it’s time to convert all those visitors and make them take action [...]

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Are You Using the Wrong International Marketing Strategy?

  Today’s digital marketing technology can easily break down cultural and geographical communication barriers. Small businesses can now tap into the global marketplace with greater ease. In fact, no business is too small today to pursue business opportunities at the [...]

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Integrating the 7P’s Marketing Mix Into Your Digital Business Model

  Marketing is a continually evolving discipline. Companies that take marketing too lightly or that stand still too long soon find out the competition has overtaken them. The best example of marketing evolving is to consider that the original 4Ps [...]

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