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Effective Marketing Ideas

  What are some effective marketing ideas? An effective marketer does not have to be a rocket scientist. They simply understand that marketing is a multifaceted concept that involves more than one channel. Good marketers recognize a business’s individual needs and [...]

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Tips For Content Domination

For many businesses, developing a consistent flow of relevant and engaging content can be a challenging task. In most cases, creating well-researched and useful articles is a time-consuming process. Producing a large amount of valuable content consistently can become overwhelming [...]

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Yes, Social Media Helps

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but apparently, this needs to be said again. Let me explain, in the current business environment, social media is everywhere. As a result, finding and reviewing a business has become an effortless process. The good, bad and the ugly is out there for the world to see. For that reason, many businesses need to implement a specific strategy that will take into account all the potential good or harm that may come out of building your own community.

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Ridiculous things SEOs hear, and our reactions in GIFs

Search engine optimization is one of those weird, nichey industries that's hard for outsiders to understand. Hell, with Google changing the rulebook every week, it's hard for us insiders to understand most of the time. The industry's opacity naturally leads to a lot of misconceptions. Half the world sees SEO as some kind of voodoo, a third see it as a scam full of snakeoil salesmen, and the rest think it has something to do with keywords tags and directory submissions.

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