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All around SEO coding geek; AKA "Bulldog" A true geek with a heart of code and SEO, I got my kick start with Gabriella and Level343. Now, more than 8 years later, I'm an independent consultant happily buried in technical SEO, website design/coding, and lovely, little, regex redirects, My personal claim to fame: six wonderful kids!

Beyond Content: Compelling, Consistent, Valuable Marketing

A long time ago, we wrote about SEO fast food (I’ll Take #1 Ranking with That, but Hold the Fries).  The idea of SEO fast food is that everyone wants fast online marketing; they want fast results.  They want to [...]

Ranking, Traffic and Conversions without Investment?

Let's face it, Ranking, Traffic and Conversions without Investment? Bah Humbug, never gonna happen. There are plenty of things you can do to rank, and rank well, in the search engines. Some are legit, some are not so legit, some are straight [...]

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Redefining Search Engine Optimization: We Do It Kind of Different

We’re starting to wonder if we (that is, the Level343 team) are really search engine optimizers. I mean, sure, we provide SEO services of the organic flavor, but when we see the varying examples and definitions of SEO, we have [...]

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Repeat After Me: “Target. Market.”

Recent truth. A client came to us with a business strategy; their biggest concern was finding a copywriter familiar with the language usage of their target country. While English is a common language, the usage can change drastically from place to place, and copy written without this in mind is very noticeable.

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