Where will your success take you next year?

Make Sure You Don’t Miss These Posts of 2017!

As an old year draws to a close, it’s always a good idea to take a moment and pause; reflect on the success and failures of the previous year. While many people do this in their personal lives, do you do the same in your business? How might you increase or repeat successful internet marketing and SEO campaigns? What changes might you make to ensure the failures don’t happen again?

First, it’s important to make sure you don’t look at failures as bad things. After all, you wouldn’t be where you are – owner of a small business, middle marketing manager, CEO of Fortune 500 company – if it weren’t for the failures that taught you what NOT to do in the future. Rather than summarily dismissing them out of hand, keep those precious gems held to your vest; the failures hold a wealth of information to glean from!

So, what have YOU learned lately?

For us, we know that a lot of error happens – not from what you see – but what you don’t see. With that in mind, we’re sharing our top social media, internet marketing and SEO posts from the year to make sure you don’t miss out on the good stuff. Thanks for a great year, and much success in the new one!

1. 5 Ways A Full SEO Audit Can Improve Your Bottom Line

When you first come across SEO, it seems simple. Pop a few keywords in there, write good content and grab a couple of links. Boom. Instant ranking. It’s not that easy, however. In fact, a lot of optimization factors happen after the search. Here are 5 things an SEO audit can find that can help increase your conversion rates.

2. 5 Common SEO Mistakes STILL Being Made

Failures happen. Mistakes happen. -But, they’re only bad if you don’t learn from them. Unfortunately, some people either don’t know how to find how why their websites and marketing campaigns are failing, or they don’t change. Here’s your chance to make sure your optimization is tight for the new year. Read on to make sure you’re not making these common mistakes.

3. The Go-Getter’s Guide To Website Optimization: Our Massive SEO Checklist

A lot goes into having a truly optimized website. It’s not just links, keywords or content. Level343’s Go-Getter’s Guide to Website Optimization shares 30+ areas to check, in order to have a website in tip-top shape. Don’t miss this helpful guide!

4. 10 Lead Generation Strategies That Really Work

Lead generation strategies are a dime a dozen, from passing out your fancy new business cards or putting signs in shop windows to ad placement on specific websites. Not all of them work – in fact, most don’t. That’s what makes this post such an asset. These 10 lead generation strategies have been tried, tested and proven to work by hundreds of business owners.

5. Site Speed Got You Down? 4 Ways To Speed Up

It’s been quite awhile since Google announced that the speed of your site would be a ranking factor. Slow speeds mean less happy visitors, which means a less-than-happy search-engine-gone-megacorporation. Make sure your site runs at top performance with these 4 tips.

6. Best Social Media Practices for SEO

You can’t have a “best of the year” post list without a mention of Social Media. After all, our founder, Gabriella Sannino, has been enthralled in social media since the first chirp was heard across the interwebs. This post will help you do what you may have been putting off: getting your social accounts up, running and thriving. Don’t miss out!

7. An Indepth Guide to Preferred Landing Pages: Build, Market, Test

At 2500 words, this guide is quite the reading, but that’s what bookmarks are for, right? Learn the difference between a landing page and a preferred landing page, and find out what to do about it. If your website isn’t performing at the level you think it should, do your business the favor of reading this guide. Your pocket book will thank you.

We’re taking the day off in preparation for an anticipated strong year, but thank you for all the interaction, communication, friending and business you’ve sent our way. Happy New Year and may the next year bring more success!

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