How Electrical Contractors Can Use Local SEO to Boost Their Organic Traffic

Local business search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming an increasingly important part of any successful online digital marketing strategy. For instance, did you know that phrases such as “where to buy near me” have increased by nearly 200 per cent in the past two years?

This is crucial for electrical contractors, as such businesses tend to offer their services to a specific region or community. Let’s therefore look at some of the best ways to use the power of local SEO in order to boost inbound traffic to your website.

The Power of a Google My Business Account

Many experts will argue that creating a Google My Business profile is the most effective way to increase your online exposure. Google algorithms rank businesses with proprietary accounts higher within search engine results pages (SERPs). Furthermore, a Google Map of the location in question will be displayed alongside the search results, providing an additional user-friendly advantage that is not possible with non-localised listings.

Encourage Reviews

Transparency is key in this day and age. This is why electrical contractors should seek to obtain reviews from satisfied customers. Not only will this help to further strengthen the SERP rankings for your local business, but studies have shown that approximately 85 per cent of potential clients believe that positive online feedback is just as reliable as a personal recommendation. Finally, displaying the reviews of prior customers will imbue your website with a sense of transparency; providing it with a competitive edge.

Voice Search Optimisation

Voice-activated searches are becoming increasingly popular thanks to modern smartphone software. Electrical contractors need to take these methods into account. Optimising your site for voice searches involves several steps including:

  • Embedding long-tail keywords into the written content.
  • Developing a more conversational and natural tone.
  • Addressing the six key questions of any search (who, what, where, when, why, and how).
  • Making certain that the site in question loads quickly.

Websites which address voice searches will naturally enjoy a greater degree of organic traffic. In the same respect, make certain that the portal has been optimised for mobile devices (ensuring that the pages and content display correctly across any platform).

Local Keyword Placement

Google has found that search terms followed by the phrase “near me” have become 150 percent more common over the past two years. This is why it is crucial to embed local keywords within your content. Furthermore, include location-specific pages associated with a specific area if your electrical contracting service deals with multiple different communities. This will help to ensure that the correct page is displayed following a specific search query.

Leverage the Scope of Online Business Directories

We should remember Google is not the only firm which provides local business results. It is wise to include your listing within other directories such as MapQuest and Yelp. This is another way to add an additional string to your digital “bow”. Not only will you enhance the overall exposure of your business, but these directories can further boost your Google SERP ranking.

Sites which offer useful and relevant information are more likely to encourage others to link to such portals. This is known as backlinking. Backlinks will inevitably help electrical contractors enhance their rankings. Also, being featured on well-known and reputable third-party websites is an excellent way to provide your firm with an authoritative edge.

Discrete Webpage Listings

Many electrical contractors offer a handful of services such as:

  • Rough wiring.
  • Lighting installations.
  • On-site inspections.
  • Regular maintenance and emergency call-outs.

Each of these talents should be listed as a separate page. This will help Google to better interpret what it is that you have to offer; leading to higher SERP rankings. As observes, you can also elaborate on each service so that customers can understand how your firm stands out from the local competition (4).

Please note that third-party software bundles such as BrightLocal, SEMrush and GeoRanker can also represent powerful additions to your arsenal. As customers become more specific in regards to their search queries, the power of local SEO will continue to grow.

Today's Author

John Keohane is the owner of JK Services, an electrical contractor who has been in business for over 35 years and strongly believes that Digital Marketing has helped his business grow. More specifically, JKS has learned how to use SEO to optimize his website, and likes to share tips with other business owners.


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