Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts: A Video Blog

In the past, we’ve often recommended videos as a method of content development. “Universal search,” we’ve said, “isn’t something you can ignore.” If you have the resources to reach vertical searches like images and videos, why… Well, our philosophy isn’t “less is more”; our philosophy is “more is more”.

Yes, a video blog, and about one of my favorite subjects, too: monitoring your social media efforts. Creating videos is a new endeavor for us, but we did our best.

Why a video?

In the past, we’ve often recommended videos as a method of content development. “Universal search,” we’ve said, “isn’t something you can ignore.” If you have the resources to reach vertical searches like images and videos, why… Well, our philosophy isn’t “less is more”; our philosophy is “more is more”.

Our philosophy has also always been to practice what you preach. How else can we really know what we’re talking about? How else can we know the time and energy that goes into creating every bit of a content-centric campaign?

To that end, welcome to our first video blog!

And why about social media monitoring, of all things?

By now, you probably know I’m a huge advocate for social media in all forms. Communication is the new currency, in all its shapes and sizes.

Well, here at Level343, we’ve been throwing around the idea for a video for a while now. So, when I received a question about how I manage to keep all the social aspects of our business going, it sounded like a good jumping off point.

Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts is our answer to the question. We hope you enjoy the video and please, feel free to add your comments, questions and pointers in the comments below. Your next question may very well be answered in our next video!

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7 Responses

  1. Building a flexible strategy that considers business goals and the people to engage will help marketers identify the best mix of tactics for their social media marketing program. Developing processes from a corporate and an individual standpoint will help sustain, not stifle, social engagement activities in the long run.

  2. Gabriella, CONGRATS & HIGH FIVE to your first video tutorial! ENJOYED it. I have not been a Hootsuite fan, but Lyena showed me some tips for automation last week & now you’ve put this together. Not sure I’m convinced. (I ignore them & mentions.)

    The delay in continuing the conversation is the concern. I’ve been scheduling a few tweets via TweetDeck, go into work-focus mode, then someone has commented. Later, it’s not top-of-mind or fresh & there’s a disconnect in that thread. Do you have such concerns?

    I do hereby deem Video Tutorial Queen! Well done!

    1. Hey Dana, thanks for your kind words…lolol Video Tutorial Queen is a nice title, just not sure I’m there yet. 😉 In regards to it has several options that’s what I like about them. In one of the many 82439284983 takes I did during this video I actually went through some of the other options. I noticed I didn’t include them in the last version but, for the sake of giving you the information, here are some other ways you can incorporate your followers/campaign/within
      First, is the list created from your Twitter account (followers, not the list) then there is the Twitter #tag, (can be any hash tag you are tracking, my #HonoringWomenWed reached over 140K) then there is the Twitter @list, your Facebook and last but not least a custom Twitter paper. Here is the Link

      You see when we are creating campaigns for clients it’s ( one of the ways to start the conversation without being too intrusive. Especially when you pull your followers, in as part of the As long as we’ve been in the biz Dana, you know people love talking about what they do, especially if they are passionate about it as we are! 😉 lolol In my humble opinion this is an easy, complimentary way of saying “hey I like you, and I’m going to incorporate you into my campaign.”

      In regards to the disconnect…I hear you, but I also know people are doing 1 million and one things therefore, most conversation on Twitter is light…If they don’t use the respond option then I have no clue what they are responding to. Is there a disconnect? Maybe, but if that’s important to you then I would DM them. I keep my DM’s to a minimum but, like I said if it’s important then I will make sure to communicate elsewhere.

      1. Gabriella,

        As usual, you’re opening my horizons to think differently… The key point you made about opening the conversation using is worth considering in more depth. Thanks for the additional info! Grateful!

        With so many video takes, you must have had a lot of film on the cutting room floor! 😉 #thankfulfordigital

  3. I would like to add that there are something that are better than video when it comes to marketing etc, as in my personal view the picture and text stuff is better than video, anyways, thanks for your nice and amazing post.

  4. Hi Gabriella, This is an excellent video to explain basic pointers about automating — in a positive way — your social media presence. Why do things the hard way?

    Can’t wait for the next video.

    – Anita

    1. Hello Anita, why thank you. Your words are so encouraging especially coming from someone whom I respect and enjoy watching on video’s. 🙂 I’m really excited about the potential of working with video. I have yet to grasp the editing as well as I would like but, what I am hoping to accomplish is more than just a few minutes of informative content, but actionable takeaways. Lets see if I can get that done with the second one! 🙂

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