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More than selling a web presence, online marketing combines copywriting, SEO, social media, content creation and more.

5 Steps for Improving SEO for International Audiences

Expanding overseas can be tough. It can be all the more difficult if you don’t first consider your marketing copy from the perspective of the culture you are targeting. Not only could you unwittingly offend your new audience, but also this mistake could decimate your international SEO. Even if you receive visitors to your home website from countries other than your own, it won’t necessarily translate to brand recognition among that audience.

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What’s in a Great Press Release?

People still use press releases all the time: to build interest in a product, to share news about their brand, to further the conversation about the company, among other reasons. The practice has been around for a long time [...]

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Google’s Core Update: A Shift in the SERPs

If you’re not already aware, Google just recently rolled out a core update for its Algorithm. Google core updates are designed to affect the algorithm that impacts main organic search. This determines search results, who will rank, and where. Naturally, there will be winners and losers whenever Google makes changes.

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