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Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Sucks!

I know; I know. You are probably muttering to yourself that this statement is insulting, and while it can be taken as such, it genuinely isn't intended that way. Instead, it's meant to get your attention and move you to take different actions than you are taking now. Stop for a minute and consider the content marketing work you are doing currently... In the words of Dr. Phil, "How's that working for ya?" (more…)

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Optimizing for BERT, Google’s Latest Update

The search scape is constantly changing, as you know if you’ve been anywhere near online marketing activities for more than a few months. You’re confident you have done a good job of optimizing and then one day you check your rankings and you’ve dropped 5% visibility for no apparent reason. Or a key page that you’ve worked hard to get build up is suddenly under performing. Eventually you’ll find out that Google has updated yet again and, “there’s nothing you can specifically do to target this update. Just keep putting out good content.” If you were around for Panda, Penguin,...

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6 Ways Customer Feedback Can Improve Content Marketing Strategy

As the world of successful entrepreneurship and business progresses, success becomes much difficult to achieve. People try everything to make their firm, app, or whatsoever product successful. However, not all of them are effective because the majority of them have flaws in their marketing strategy. Even after trying to fix the marketing strategy, still, 50% of them fail. By now, you must be wondering what the reason behind the failure of those firms is. Let me shed some light on the reason behind the downfall, which is neglecting customer feedback. Customer feedback is one of the most essential tools in content...

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International SEO

International SEO: Country Specific Domains, Subdirectories or Subfolders?

Opening up your website to an international audience is one way to significantly grow your business. While you want to make sure your product or service is in demand in your international market, once you do know, it’s time to plan how you’re going to go about reaching that market. STOP! How do you know if you’re ready to go international? As mentioned in The Big Guide to International SEO, you have to evaluate foreign markets. Is there a legitimate place for your product/service offerings? Does more than 10% of your traffic come from other countries? Do you have the budget? The Big...

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Global Search Engines

10 Important Tips to Know About International Search Engines

Any marketer or online business owner who hopes to succeed on a global scale must know how to optimize for international search engines. Google may hold close to 70% of the American market for desktop and mobile search traffic combined. Google withdrew from China abandoning a market with close to 688 million Internet users. Russia is a major player that boasts local search that competes with Google in the country's surrounding regions. Throw South Korea in the mix and add an additional 45 million users to the tally that may not have access to your products and services. If your...

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