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5 eCommerce On-Page Optimization Tips: Standing out from the crowd

5 eCommerce On-Page Optimization Tips: Standing Out from the Crowd

By 2020, there was approximately 24 million eCommerce sites in the world, according to digitalcommerce360, with more being added daily. Of course, not all 24 million are in your niche, selling your particular products, but you should get the idea that standing out from the crowd is of utmost importance. So, the question is, dear reader, what are you doing to stand out?

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Social Video Marketing

Top Video Marketing Trends to Know in 2020

The ever-changing world of digital marketing is a highly competitive arena, and it is imperative to keep up with the trends. Well, the same applies to video marketing, given the fact that video content is taking over the advertising industry. Recent video marketing statistics show that more than one billion hours of video content is consumed daily on YouTube alone. Research shows that video content published on YouTube converts at 1.16%. On top of that, social video generates 1,200 more shares than images and text combined. Clearly, video marketing provides marketers and marketing agencies with an incredible tool—the one that...

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Business owner hanging an open sign at a glass door

Preparing to Re-Open After a Nationwide Shutdown

We're definitely living in uncertain times. As we draw close to flattening the curve in our communities, many of us are looking to the future and wondering how to regain momentum as we reopen our businesses. The question is: If they reopen, will people come? (more…)

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7 Ways to Generate Passive Income With Your Blog

Passive income is the best kind of income. Just ask anyone on Wall Street. If you own a blog, you know how difficult it is to keep generating quality content week after week. Often, there's little time left to worry about making money in the process. The answer is to add elements to your blogging platform that will allow you to generate income easily without detracting from your content quality or cutting into the time it takes to create great posts.

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Data Analysis: KPIs and ROI in digital marketing

What Are KPI and ROI in Digital Marketing?

In the old days, you would measure the effectiveness of your marketing by how many customers shopped at your store or the success of an ad campaign. If any formal measurements were taken, they would usually be in the form of a survey that asked how you heard about their company or how many unique codes were returned from a coupon campaign. That way, you could determine how many coupons were redeemed and from what areas or which marketing platforms were hitting the target market and by what percent. Nowadays, we have more sophisticated metrics, wider coverage, and many different business...

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