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Search marketing – AKA SEO, search engine optimization, website optimization and more – isn’t as easy as it can sometimes sound, but it’s also not black magic.

Be informed. Take the time to learn at least the basics of search marketing from the experts, so you know when you’re being sold snake oil. We get a little technical at times with our search marketing articles, but we’ll walk you through it.

The Importance of Local SEO | Level343 LLC

The Importance Of Local SEO

Over the past few years, local SEO has grown to become a central part of digital marketing strategies. Local SEO is especially important to business organizations that want to grow their online audience in locations near the business. But what exactly is local SEO all about? And how can it positively impact a business? Here are some essential facts you need to know about local SEO and why it is vital for business owners in the digital age.