Share Your Entire Social Business Personality On Your Own Site

Not long ago, we discussed The Personable Business: Creating your Story with Social Content. One of the points of that discussion was that once you get online, you'll end up with a social story whether you want one or not, [...]

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How Do You Convert Readers To Buyers?

How many times have you read or heard about how to generate more traffic? It always sounds easy, doesn't it? Very seldom does someone actually tell you it's difficult; they brush it over with, "well, you have to have a great marketing campaign, followers and so on." They then continue with their diatribe of how wonderful their suggestions are, and how you should be sure to try them out.

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Repeat After Me: “Target. Market.”

Recent truth. A client came to us with a business strategy; their biggest concern was finding a copywriter familiar with the language usage of their target country. While English is a common language, the usage can change drastically from place to place, and copy written without this in mind is very noticeable.

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Dear, Sweet Internet Marketer – Connect the Stinkin’ Dots Already

I’ve been boiling all morning long – and what does someone who blogs do, but kick out a rant? All morning, I’ve been researching marketing agencies, digging into sites, news articles and various sources to find out about them. –And [...]

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So That’s What “Build Your Brand Story” Means!

A confession: I don’t know much about branding. Oh, sure – I know words, but branding? That’s Gabriella’s bailiwick. I know more now than I did six or seven years ago, but that’s because she’s been my mentor for several [...]

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