Measuring Social Influence: The Big Picture

After an intense week of social networking that ended with a conference, (Distilled in New Orleans) I think I finally have a better understanding of what I should be doing. It’s taken a long path to get me here; I thought I’d share it with you, our readers, in the hopes that you’ll gain some usefulness. Sometimes, I think about hiring someone else to do my social networking – some social media guru who can turn each tweet into gold. According to the analytics, according to the numbers, I’m doing it wrong.

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When Social Media Attacks: The Over Eager Socialite

The Over Eager Socialite (def.) – The over eager socialite started with social media because they were told it would help their business. Things went downhill from there. Now, they attach themselves to anyone. They follow anyone who hasn’t blocked them first. Upon following, these social media stalkers then proceed to track down every social media account the individual may have and connect with them.

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