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Your Visitors’ Behavior Tells You About Your Content Marketing Efforts. Are You Listening?

  You spend a lot of time on your content marketing; doesn’t it make sense to pay attention to how well it’s working for you? Many look at their month-to-month traffic and say, “oh, we had a good month,” or [...]

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A Content Development How-To: Your Target Audience Needs Your Content

It’s easy to think about your target audience and how you need them to respond to your content. After all, if they don’t respond, you don’t get traffic, authority, sales, or a cookie. However, have you considered the flip side [...]

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Context Marketing is Better than Quality Content: Here’s Why

"Content is King," goes the saying, but context marketing is the crown. In the online marketing world, "just" having quality content isn't always enough.  By focusing only on creating amazing content, you miss out on a bigger piece of the pie. If you [...]

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Content Audits: What Are They, and How Do They Help You?

Content audits: they’re all the rage according to marketing folk. When you talk to someone in the industry, it’s a fair bet that they’ll be pushing you to “get one done.” But what is a content audit? And if you [...]

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