Lovin’ That Story That You Tell So Well – Your Social Footprint

Social marketing used to be just that thing you did; like politicians, business owners would scout the neighborhood, introduce their services, shake hands and kiss babies. You’d talk to people and get to know them; you’d share stories and maybe [...]

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Social Media Measuring: The 4 Key Elements

Hootsuite analytics anyone? A sequel to Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts, Social Media Measuring: The 4 Key Elements will take you through the ins and outs of Hootsuite analytics for Twitter and Facebook. Learn how to measure your approach, no matter what type of social media campaign you’re running.

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Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts: A Video Blog

In the past, we’ve often recommended videos as a method of content development. “Universal search,” we’ve said, “isn’t something you can ignore.” If you have the resources to reach vertical searches like images and videos, why… Well, our philosophy isn’t “less is more”; our philosophy is “more is more”.

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Organic SEO and Tracking Your Social Networks

Social Networking Goals It’s well into 2010. By now, we are all aware of what SEO means and what it can do for your business. As a small business, especially if you have less than ten employees, you [...]

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Get a bit more from your URL shortening tools

If you Tweet, send links in email newsletters, or just want to share a great URL you found without writing 120 characters, then you’ve probably used an URL shortening service.  Since 2002, Internet users have had the ability to shrink [...]

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