Competitive Intelligence: Getting the Skinny on Your Competition

Competitive Intelligence, or CI, is something you can’t do without if you’re going to have an online business. As well, it’s something you or your SEO specialist had better be doing; you have to know your competition before you ever have a chance of beating them.

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5 Must-Dos for Effective Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging Campaigns

You jump into the huge time suck of engaging on Twitter and Facebook because XYZ social marketer said, “you have to give your customers some face time”. You jump on Quora, Amplify, Tumblr and 15 other things for the same reasons. Do you feel like a Mexican jumping bean, yet? Has any of it beefed up your business? If not, why do you think it hasn't?

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Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts: A Video Blog

In the past, we’ve often recommended videos as a method of content development. “Universal search,” we’ve said, “isn’t something you can ignore.” If you have the resources to reach vertical searches like images and videos, why… Well, our philosophy isn’t “less is more”; our philosophy is “more is more”.

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