Website Conversion – Forget About the Obvious

Is your website doing what it’s supposed to be doing? Is it bringing in visitors that stick around, read and convert? If it isn’t, we ask you to consider the points in this article. They’re big points, even though they may seem like little, nit-picky, OCD things. They matter. Oh, wait… before you continue reading, you have to pretend you’re dumb – because, guaranteed, you’ll one day get a comment about your site (if you’re providing surveys, or otherwise testing, that is) and think, “Well, that’s dumb. It’s obvious that XYZ means…”

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Can I Just Do On Page SEO and Tell Off Page to Take a Hike?

On Page SEO Um. No. You see… well, let’s start from the beginning. On page SEO is that stuff you do to your website. It’s the meta tags, the image alt tags, the content headers. It’s the careful [...]

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