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Creating SEO Content for Search Engines AND Visitors

No matter what industry you’re in, standing out from your competitors can be difficult. This is especially true in the realm of digital content creation, where you might have hundreds or thousands of competitors. This is the very reason we [...]

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Location-based Search: Optimizing Your Local Search Strategy

Even if you run a global company, implementing a local search strategy is an excellent way to drive new traffic to your website. Not only can it send that traffic to your physical store (if you have one), but it also thins the playing field in the search results.

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Dominating with Content and the Fight to the Top

Content developers R' Us. Using the highest forms of technological pen and ink (to wit, the computer), we craft humorous, informative, selling copy – not for just anybody, but for your target market. We talk about content on our service pages, emphasize it heavily in our articles (have you seen our Content Development section?), and use it with blunt force against our clients' competitors. We call it content domination, and it works a little something like this…

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If You’re Going To Write About SEO, Get It Right

Hillbillyhood That’s IT. I’ve had enough of online newspapers writing things about SEO. I really have. I happened to come across this article by The Globe and Mail. The Globe and Mail, ya’ll. I don’t have anything against [...]

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