Does Anyone Even Know What a Healthy Link Profile is?

Link Building Goods Trying to describe what constitutes a healthy link profile can touch off some very lively discussions. Regardless, since we're all entitled to our opinions, I'm going to lay out what I feel are some very [...]

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Immediate SEO Priorities: Where Should a Company Start First?

When you first hear about SEO, you hear about a bunch of things, right? It all comes falling down on you at once: on page, content creation, link building, meta data.... No matter who’s writing about what, almost every article gives the impression that this SEO step (whatever that step is) is crucial to a campaign and must be done.

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ROI = SEO + Content + Relevance + Search Engines + Visitors

The line between reaching the search engines and reaching visitors is incredibly thin. Trying to reach search engines with SEO can alienate both, while trying to reach just the visitors can leave your site unseen in the SERPs. What’s a [...]

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