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Keyword Research Step By Step

Keywords are the foundation of your SEO campaign.  I get a lot of questions about how to do keyword research and about the best tools.  So here is a little primer on how I do keyword research.  If you do [...]

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Using Google Web Analytics to Check Your SEO Campaign: Keywords

Now, in the SEO industry, Google Web Analytics is a touchy subject. So, for those in the industry who feel the need to yell and rant because I’m adding “Google” to the title, yell on, while I talk to the target audience. Because, you see, GA is a free analytics platform. Thus, it’s widely used by many business owners small and large. As well, tons of SEO tools incorporate with Google Analytics, such as Raven Tools – a product I’m testing now. While you can use the analytics program offered with most web hosting platforms, many find it hard to read the raw data. Thus, GA – nuff’ said. […]

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6 Ways SEO Copywriting Services Work for You

SEO copywriting services – the designation is quite a mouthful. If you can write, these services may also sound like a waste of good money. After all, why have someone write for you when you’re perfectly capable of providing your own content (or copy)? However, SEO copywriting services do make a difference, and in very specific, noticeable ways. […]

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Is Your SEO Campaign Missing Something?

Uploading a useful and well-crafted article on the Net without search engine optimization is like getting ready for your Oscar debut and remaining hidden in the closet. Unless your clients come to your house, peek inside the closet to find [...]

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Finding the Right SEO Consultant

In simple and straightforward English, a SEO consultant is a person who can provide certified and expert search engine optimization services and advice to people. A fully qualified and official SEO consultant should advise people on all facets of their [...]

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