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A Battle of Strategies: PPC vs. SEO

The battle is on, with Pay-Per-Click in one corner and SEO in the other. Internet marketing vs. Professional SEO service providers. Who will be the winner? Only time can tell.

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So, how do you get good SEO content?

We here at Level 343 can go on, and on, and on about the importance of content. We usually do this because so many people today seem to think that relevant quality information will just cost them far too much [...]

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How To Get More Traffic… Really!

There are about a zillion companies promising to get you more traffic. They’ll take your money and, indeed, you’ll find your traffic spiking through the roof. There are a variety of tactics these companies use to drive this traffic to [...]

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SEO copywriters

The future of search engine optimization is seriously in doubt today.  Search engine administrators hate the practice, and usually rightfully so.  The vast majority of search engine optimizers today are, in effect, trying to “trick” the engines for first place [...]

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How do you Effectively increase more traffic to your website?

  The basic detail that any website owner looks for is how to effectively increase more traffic to their website. There are new web pages uploaded almost every minute. And on the Internet it’s all about where your page ranks [...]

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