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5 Common SEO Mistakes Still Being Made

In 2014, the Internet reached over 1 billion websites. One billion – can you believe it? I guess I’ve been in marketing too long; instead of just being in awe at the sheer amount of information (or misinformation), I just think, “Man, that’s a lot of competition!” […]

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How to Select the Best SEO for your Project

There are many considerations to be taken into account, when selecting an SEO (search engine optimization) provider for your website. Much depends upon the particular areas in which attention is needed, which should mesh well with the areas of expertise [...]

By | March 13th, 2013|SEO|12 Comments

The Importance of SEO

Google Guidelines In the world of the Internet, you’ll find people who seriously overstate and seriously understate the importance of good SEO work.  Professional SEO consultants will try to convince you that you’ll die an ugly Internet death [...]

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Live Search is it all its cut out to be? No

Recently, Live Search has updated their set of rules that includes: 1. The Live search recently asked sites owners to have their keywords mainly in domain as well as sub-domain names. According to some SEO consultants, this is very useful [...]

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WEB 3.0 Is it SEO or a revolution?

Well, most people often get confused when they read these terms. Web 3.0 and SEO are interrelated and to understand them in a better way, let us learn both these terms separately. Web 3.0 or the semantic web is a [...]

By | July 11th, 2008|Branding, Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media|0 Comments