Landing Page ROI 101: Are Your Landing Pages More Like Bouncing Betties?

You've spent thousands of dollars on professional landing pages: professional design; professional copy; professional images. The pages drip professionalism and you've watched more dollar signs float out of your wallet than a bird has feathers. According to that fast talking [...]

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Disturbing Trend with Big Business Points to the Failures of SEO

Over the past year, we’ve seen an emerging trend among big business clients. It’s disturbing, this trend, because it points to the fact that a lot of businesses believed the SEO hype and didn’t pay attention to what the actual [...]

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Immediate SEO Priorities: Where Should a Company Start First?

When you first hear about SEO, you hear about a bunch of things, right? It all comes falling down on you at once: on page, content creation, link building, meta data.... No matter who’s writing about what, almost every article gives the impression that this SEO step (whatever that step is) is crucial to a campaign and must be done.

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Are Keyword Density Percentages Killing Your Content?

It was down to the wire. We needed a big boost in traffic and we needed it yesterday. Everyone waited impatiently as the boss read over the copy; the copywriter rubbed her raw fingers, staring down at the still smoking keyboard she had ruthlessly pounded in a race against the clock. The optimizer, bouncing on her toes, stared at the boss and chewed a fingernail down to the nub. The boss gave a quick nod. “Send it to the client.”

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