Your WordPress Website May Be Obsolete: Are You Prepared?

  The term “planned obsolescence” means purposefully producing goods that quickly become obsolete, in order for the consumer to buy more and keep the producer in business. While that isn’t necessarily what Automattic (creators of WordPress) did with their CMS, [...]

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WordPress Dot Com Vs WordPress Dot Org: What’s the Difference?

Today, we're going to answer an "age-old" question: WordPress Dot Com Vs WordPress Dot Org - What's the difference? We're talking comprehensive information here. And pictures. And comprehensive information in pictures.

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Quickly and Easily Move A WordPress Site From Development To Production

There are numerous ways to move a WordPress site from a development environment to the live, production environment, but there's one method I've found that makes things quick and easy for me. I thought I would share the process so [...]

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The Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Everything

Many people are confused by the two WordPress versions. A common question is, "Does it really matter which one I use?" Both are free to use, can be a site or blog platform, and both have the name "WordPress". However, the similarities end there, and the differences between the two WordPress versions are massive. In fact, they're worlds apart.

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WordPress – The Site, Blogging, Developing, Designing CMS Platform

The Rise Of The Phoenix WordPress – it’s a content management system, a blogging platform and “that place you put your blog on”. It’s often thought of in relation to blogs, but have you ever thought of it [...]

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