Building Your Content Strategy in 2014

by April 21, 2014
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The Hummingbird that Changed SEO As we all know the Hummingbird has landed, and has been marinating for a while.  Although we heard rumors that Google was up to something with their algorithms and we saw evidence in small changes in the way searches displayed, until late 2013, Google was pretty closed-lipped about the Hummingbird.  […]

Starting an International SEO Campaign | 5 Critical Elements

by April 14, 2014
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After an extensive SEO campaign, your website is doing brisk business nationally and you’re considering casting your net into the wider world.  There’s a lot of the wider world to consider when you’re talking about dipping into international SEO, and the task can become an overwhelming one if you don’t have a plan.   So before […]

Pitfalls of International SEO

by March 27, 2014
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One of the better known examples of accidental misbranding sprang out of Coca Cola’s attempt to break into the Chinese market in the late 1920s.  As the story goes, the Mandarin characters that approximate the sounds in the words “Coca” and “Cola” combined to form a phrase that roughly translated to “bite the wax tadpole.”  […]

2013 Hasn’t Been a Bed of Roses

by January 13, 2014
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It’s 2014 and as a progressive international digital agency, we’re making a few resolutions, and keeping the bullshit predictions to a minimum. To our loyal readers (you know who you are) who’ve been following us for the last few years, Level343 has seen many changes, and you will see new ones in 2014. For one […]

The Winners of Top SEO Women 2013

by December 30, 2013
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For the past year, I’ve watched great women in our community grow in the SEO industry. When I started the TOPS SEO women series, it got mixed reviews. Some welcomed the series and embraced it, while others in the community at large weren’t crazy about it, and said so. Of course, like anything in life […]

Only CEO’s Need Apply

by December 2, 2013
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Omg, what are you thinking? I’m sure that’s what most people are saying, when you discuss/promote CEO’s joining social networks. But, if you want to get an edge and lead the pack, then you need to understand why it’s important to join social media as a CEO. I recently read on Econsultancy about a User […]

SEO Intent | Understanding Search

by November 25, 2013
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Have you ever considered how search has changed over the years? If your business is online, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that Google has been serving your search queries a bit differently. Let me be clear – if you’re not an SEO or aren’t involved in search, you’re probably thinking it has nothing to do […]

Inbound Strategies for Your Global Market

by October 28, 2013
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Dealing with a global international market is not as easy as throwing content up on your website. No, build it and they will come is no longer valid nor will it make them come. So, lets’ make one thing perfectly clear; inbound marketing is a buzzword.  Even though I will admit I’ve heard if you […]

Post-Penguin Linking with Debra Mastaler – [video]

by October 21, 2013
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Having Debra Mastaler join us via our Level Headed Marketing 2013 Google Hangouts was a treat, not just for me, but also for our listeners and readers alike. If you’ve ever met or heard Debra speak, you can’t help but enjoy listening to her no-nonsense approach of creating connections for clients.  Maybe it’s her southern […]

SEO Within an International Market

by October 14, 2013
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I don’t know about your business, but everyday, we seem to get more and more requests for an SEO campaign with a global reach. It’s a cakewalk for us since we cover thirteen languages and work with vendors and partners in six countries, but what if you’re not an International agency? What if you’ve been […]