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If Content is King then SEO is Emperor

As the Internet becomes an increasingly popular tool to find information, writing SEO articles is vital to directing traffic to websites. SEO – search engine optimization – has many facets, but for the sake of this article, we can discuss […]

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How to Effectively Increase More Traffic to Your Website

The basic detail that any website owner looks for is how to effectively increase traffic to their website. New web pages are uploaded almost every minute, and on the Internet it’s all about where your page ranks on Google or […]

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Does SEO Have a Future

Since its inception, the SEO industry has been going through turbulence like a flight amidst bad weather.  Although it’s too early to speculate about its safe landing, the future certainly remains a focus of debate and concern.  Why?

Due to the […]

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Four Steps to SEO

To say you know how to write SEO vs.Writing SEO is another fish story. It’s amazing how many people and companies send you their clever copy boasting about getting you higher rankings on Google. Here is the truth, 2 things […]

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Why Do We Need SEO?

A. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing tool used worldwide on the Internet in order to get higher ranking. Simple enough right? Afraid it’s not that easy, in this discipline one has to look at various attributes of […]

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Search Engine Optimization Help

There must be at over 1000 online business that say they can help you with your SEO copy. Not one company can do this overnight period! Google warns people of these Internet cowboys. In order to get SEO help you […]

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Live Search is it all its cut out to be? No

Recently, Live Search has updated their set of rules that includes:

1. The Live search recently asked sites owners to have their keywords mainly in domain as well as sub-domain names. According to some SEO consultants, this is very useful for […]

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How do you Effectively increase more traffic to your website?


The basic detail that any website owner looks for is how to effectively increase more traffic to their website. There are new web pages uploaded almost every minute. And on the Internet it’s all about where your page ranks on […]

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Google PageRank Principles that Work

Have you ever wondered how applying the proper Google PageRank principles can turn your website from a side street to a Major highway? Let me explain. While there are countless SEO tools you should incorporate in your bag of tricks, […]

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WEB 3.0 Is it SEO or a revolution?

Well, most people often get confused when they read these terms. Web 3.0 and SEO are interrelated and to understand them in a better way, let us learn both these terms separately.

Web 3.0 or the semantic web is a web […]

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