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Strategies For Your Site Globally [vid]

In our first video “International Consultants talking on Google +” we discussed dialects, spelling across languages, including the English language having a variety of spelling. Considering these factors, it’s no wonder getting your site to be globally sound is not an easy task. This second half of the video, we delve more into International marketing and how to pay attention to various cultures and reach. From gender roles to economic status, you have to be sensitive to the language, not just gender specific but culturally sensitive.

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Don’t Go Planning The Funeral Yet

At least a few times a year someone pronounces SEO dead.  Each and every time, after I take a second to roll my eyes, I quickly set out to explain to all the confused site owners out there that SEO [...]

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International Consultants Talking on Google +

It's not everyday that I find someone who can chat as much about International Online Marketing as I can.  But, since I've been working with a variety of global SEO consultants, I've actually found someone who can chat circles around me.

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Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest recently announced a new feature that I think is pretty exciting.  It is called Rich Pins.  A normal pin is an image with description text below it.  With Rich Pins, Pinterest will pull in other data from your website [...]

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No Time to Write? Maximize the Use of Guest Posting

As a marketer, your time is valuable, and if you're like most of us, it's in great demand. With all the other day-to-day tasks you have to take care of, finding time to write is sometimes just a distant dream. [...]

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