SEO Consulting, Organic Search Results

by gabriellasannino on February 12, 2012

Organic SEO is more than traffic.

We have a lot of citrus fruit on this site, and we bet you’re wondering… “What’s with all the fruit? How does that tie in with SEO or search marketing?” Citrus fruit is fresh, bright, organic, exciting – it bursts flavor into your mouth. Now that you have that picture, consider this… organic SEO is citrus fruit for your website.

Consulting with our professional SEO specialists brings a fresh, organic perspective, beyond the basics of SEO. ¬†It’s all about connecting the dots, which is why our recommendations include:

  • website design and layout
  • technical issues
  • analytics
  • website content
  • social¬†activities
  • online reputation

SEO consulting helps:

  • Internet marketing professionals who need a fresh perspective on their campaigns
  • Online business owners who need strategical feedback for their marketing efforts
  • Businesses considering an online presence
  • Webmasters who need an outside perspective on their campaign, website and Internet presence
  • Web development companies who need an SEO partner to round out their service offerings

SEO Consulting Steps

  1. Contact Level343 to discuss your project.
  2. Fill out a client discovery form so we can better understand your online presence and goals.
  3. Level343 SEO specialists review your discovery, website and company information.
  4. Receive recommendations, by email or phone, on how to strengthen your web presence.

Find the real fruit buried in your online presence. Contact us today to discuss your project.