Business Blogging Tips: The Why and The How

Business Blogging

Businesses, whether small or large, local or enterprise, are constantly being told that blogging will help their search engine rankings, but many are left wondering how to actually implement a blogging strategy. While a few get the hang of it quickly, a large number either never blog at all, or they give up after a […]

25 eCommerce and Info Site Tips To Make This Holiday Season Bright


Is your website ready for this holiday season? It’s already that time of year again when stores are decorated in bright red, green and gold, with Christmas carols playing in the background. Long before anyone has time to think about Thanksgiving turkeys or holiday shopping, the season is upon us. Now is the time to […]

6 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts Faster


I’m always on the go. If I’m not rushing to a meeting with a client, I’m rushing to a meeting with my staff. If I’m not buried in work, I’m hurrying to see family and friends. Yes, indeed; my life is pretty busy. Add in the articles that I write for the blog, guest posts […]

Are You Making These Content Mistakes?

Oops keys

Content is the lifeblood of your online marketing campaigns.  You are writing Blogs, articles, web content, sales content, ads, tweets, Facebook posts newsletters etc. Ensuring you put the best possible content out there is important.  So here are some very common mistakes we see and some advice on how to avoid them. Bad Spelling/Grammar: Make […]

7 Reasons Blog Commenting is a Must

Personal Blogging

Writing an article is a personal thing. Sometimes, coming to the end of a piece can leave the author feeling like their blood, sweat and tears have been poured into the thing (writers are dramatic, don’t ‘cha know). Some authors labor for hours over a 500 word piece while others stream 1500 well crafted words […]

Building Your Customers’ Brand | When the Story Isn’t About You


It’s funny, isn’t it? Funny, as in, ironic. Social media is all the rage, with use growing at an exponential rate. Many marketers (including the Level343 team) talk about engaging your customers, reaching out to them, treating them like people instead of numbers. The business world is all fuzzy, feel good warmth, struggling to embrace […]

Online Marketing Strategies | More Content, Traffic and Prospects

Traffic Jam

Studies have shown a direct correlation between content, traffic and leads. For example, a 2011 Hubspot study of over 4,000 businesses showed those that published 20+ posts a month saw 5 times more traffic than those that put 4 pieces or less out a month. As well, sites with 401 – 1000 pages have 9 […]

Give Your Content That White-Glove Treatment – Repurpose for the Good of Humanity


Every so often, we look through our old blog posts as a way to pat ourselves on the back for the work we’re doing. Okay, not really – the reason for pouring through almost three hundred blog posts is a little strategy called content repurposing. Today, we’re going to dig into this content development strategy and answer the questions: what is it, why, which ones, and how.

Content Strategies: Get Fresh with Your Audience Today

Critical Thinking

If your company’s Web site has been drawing less and less attention from customers, perhaps you have a freshness issue. It’s not that you’re getting testy with customers, but that your site’s content hasn’t been updated on a regular basis for some time. Fresh content you can market and advertise to customers is critical in today’s online world. As more customers turn to the Internet to shop for and purchase products, it’s imperative that your content be interesting, informative and, most importantly, fresh.

Copywriting, Content Development and Strategies

Shocking Really

Copywriting and content development are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. Gasping in horror while I write this- however, although they’re both part of a package, they deal with separate issues. Granted, if you are not in the industry then you may very well not know the difference. So pull up a chair and let me break it down for you.