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Content That Works

If you want to have a healthy site, then reading a few articles about SEO isn’t going to help. Why? Because reading and learning about SEO is a daily process… actually, there was a recent review about Level 343 and what we do as a company 10,000 Hours in 10 Minutes: Taking SEO to the Next Level with Gabriella Sannino by Karl Smallwood,

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23 Tips To Improve Your Bounce Rate

You work pretty hard to get traffic to your site. So it’s no fun when you see most of that traffic bouncing off the site. If your bounce rate is high, you should take swift action to correct things! (Not sure what a bounce rate is? Bounce rate is a very important metric for website owners. It tells you what percentage of your visitors are “bouncing” away after landing on your site.)

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Brain Dump

Do you have a process for writing your content?  Mine is pretty simple, I just sit down and let it flow. When I am done, I edit, see where I need to trim things and where I need to bulk [...]

Business Blogging Tips: The Why and The How

Businesses, whether small or large, local or enterprise, are constantly being told that blogging will help their search engine rankings, but many are left wondering how to actually implement a blogging strategy. While a few get the hang of it [...]

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25 eCommerce and Info Site Tips To Make This Holiday Season Bright

Ready for the Holidays Is your website ready for this holiday season? It's already that time of year again when stores are decorated in bright red, green and gold, with Christmas carols playing in the background. Long before [...]

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6 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts Faster

I'm always on the go. If I'm not rushing to a meeting with a client, I'm rushing to a meeting with my staff. If I'm not buried in work, I'm hurrying to see family and friends. Yes, indeed; my life [...]

Are You Making These Content Mistakes?

Content is the lifeblood of your online marketing campaigns.  You are writing Blogs, articles, web content, sales content, ads, tweets, Facebook posts newsletters etc. Ensuring you put the best possible content out there is important.  So here are some very [...]

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7 Reasons Blog Commenting is a Must

Personal Things Writing an article is a personal thing. Sometimes, coming to the end of a piece can leave the author feeling like their blood, sweat and tears have been poured into the thing (writers are dramatic, don't [...]

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Building Your Customers’ Brand | When the Story Isn’t About You

It's funny, isn't it? Funny, as in, ironic. Social media is all the rage, with use growing at an exponential rate. The fuzzy, feel good business world... with rainbows Many marketers (including the Level343 team) talk about engaging [...]

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Online Marketing Strategies | More Content, Traffic and Prospects

Studies have shown a direct correlation between content, traffic and leads. For example, a 2011 Hubspot study of over 4,000 businesses showed those that published 20+ posts a month saw 5 times more traffic than those that put 4 pieces [...]

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