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Give Your Content That White-Glove Treatment – Repurpose for the Good of Humanity

Every so often, we look through our old blog posts as a way to pat ourselves on the back for the work we’re doing. Okay, not really – the reason for pouring through almost three hundred blog posts is a little strategy called content repurposing. Today, we’re going to dig into this content development strategy and answer the questions: what is it, why, which ones, and how.

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Content Strategies: Get Fresh with Your Audience Today

If your company’s Web site has been drawing less and less attention from customers, perhaps you have a freshness issue. It’s not that you’re getting testy with customers, but that your site’s content hasn’t been updated on a regular basis for some time. Fresh content you can market and advertise to customers is critical in today’s online world. As more customers turn to the Internet to shop for and purchase products, it’s imperative that your content be interesting, informative and, most importantly, fresh.

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Copywriting, Content Development and Strategies

Copywriting and content development are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. Gasping in horror while I write this- however, although they’re both part of a package, they deal with separate issues. Granted, if you are not in the industry then you may very well not know the difference. So pull up a chair and let me break it down for you.

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How to Start a Content Strategy

When writing for the World Wide Web, content developers have to remember to use Internet data to write for their readers. Quite simply, writing for the Internet isn’t the same discipline as writing for print; when writing for print, for example, you don’t have search engines to consider…

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