Digital Marketing Shift and The New World Order

Digital Technology

(Manipulating the Monetary Paradigm of the Time/Space Continuum) Ladies and gentlemen, we’re at the boundary of business. We’re walking a tightrope at the forefront of technology and mining the frontier of fiber optic cyberspace. Information technology, social behavior, buyer psychology, the global economy – a slew of volatile, game-changing and disruptive changes have struck our […]

Online Marketing: What’s Your Branding Power?


Online marketing is more than “selling a web presence”. It combines several disciplines, including optimization (search engine and conversion), copywriting, strategic content development and much, more. No matter what type of campaign you embark on, you have to keep the power of brand in mind. Actually – you have to keep the power and the […]

Has YouTube Been Calling Your Name? 4 Beginning Tips

Lost in Social

Sometimes we forget that not everyone is buried in online marketing like we are. In fact, most people aren’t… it boggles the mind. Did you know most people aren’t professional SEOs? Makes sense; if they were, we wouldn’t have jobs, but it’s that whole “circle of I” syndrome we keep talking about.

I Always Wanted to Be a Super Hero, How About You?

When I was a kid, I dreamed about flying through the air with the greatest of ease to rescue puppies, kittens and grannies. I ran around the house in pink fuzzy pajamas and a blanket tied around my neck, on a mission to save the world. I was Super Girl, Wonder Woman and the GI Joes combined! Evil doers beware!

Branding and Inbound Marketing: Can YOU Handle the TRUTH?

Nicholson Truth

While talking to a friend of mine the other day – small business owner trying to grow her business like anyone else -, I had that line going through my head. You know, the one from A Few Good Men “You want the TRUTH? You can’t HANDLE the TRUTH!” You see, my friend has big dreams; she wants and expects big things from her website…

9 Things You Don’t Tell Your Inbound Marketing Firm / Client / Employer


People say the darndest things. They really do. Some of these things come from individuals who think they know what inbound marketing is all about; some come from individuals who want to know what it’s all about. Some… well some are just letting words go from brain to mouth without any thought.

Avoid the Social Media Graveyard: Social With a Plan


For many, social media – in all its forms – is a steady diet of information, entertainment and interaction. It is the ultimate snack bar for informavores, serving up tasty bit-sized nuggets to tempt, tantalize, follow and consume. Therefore, it’s blatantly obvious when a part of the snack bar closes.
I don’t know about you, but I hate it when that happens. Little frustrates me more than stumbling upon a social media gravesite: the dead remnants of a poorly thought out social campaign. You’ve seen it, too, I’m sure.

Evaluating SEO and Marketing Software – #1 Doesn’t Mean the Best Product


Anyone who’s heard about the miraculous, site saving service known as SEO has eventually researched it online. Anyone who’s researched it and has had problems with their site has probably looked at SEO providers at least once. Anyone who’s had problems with their site, researched SEO providers and decided optimization didn’t fit into their budget has probably looked – at least once – at potential SEO and/or marketing software.

Comment Spam vs. Comment Links: What’s the Difference?


Most SEO professionals have very definite ideas about the Internet. For example, many believe SEO is essential for any website to succeed – whether the business is limited to delivering three blocks or thirty makes no difference. Some say the optimization techniques they use are the only techniques out there that work. Some will act […]

The F Word in Marketing – That’s Right… Focus


I hate to say this, but I must; ideas are a dime a dozen and everyone has the latest innovation. What’s always missing, or missing most of the time, is a well thought out marketing plan. A marketing plan everyone in the organization can follow, believe in and understand. In any successful vision there has to be a strategy spelling it out with specific benchmarks, time lines, campaigns and goals.