2020 Trends Drawn on Brick Wall.

2020 Marketing Trend Predictions

Marketing trends predictions in digital marketing are likely to see increased potential for client participation in helping to co-create and to...

Digital marketing trends in 2020 are expected to bring more authenticity to human life. Thanks to increasing digitality, the world seems to be shrinking more than ever. Like anything else in life, the increasing digital landscape is predicted to have positive as well as negative effects. One of the most explosive trends right now is increasing imminent connections between businesses, clients, and partnerships.

Seven Aspects of Life Involved

Upon much surveying, there are seven aspects of business life that digital marketing is expected to hit the most.

1. Increase in reaction and predictably. 

In this context, that means that content is predicted to start moving even more rapidly. This means that conversations and responses are likely to become even more predictable and more quickly directed. They are also more likely to happen as quickly as possible.

2. Increased participation. 

Trends in digital marketing are likely to see increased potential for client participation in helping to co-create and to collaborate on brands and merchandise. This is predicted to strengthen competition. One question, though, is whether it really will tip the balance more evenly or if it will strengthen mostly the corporate giants and those already doing well.

3. Faster talent promotion. 

One of the best things that digital marketing agencies are expected to do is to show a company’s talent as well as its strengths and weaknesses much faster. One significant potential here is that it may help more companies to stay afloat as opposed to falling apart so quickly. It will be an asset to keeping up with the competition and show companies where they can differ or make themselves stand out. It will be beneficial for all employees to stay on the same page about the company’s mission and policies.

4. Faster detection of purpose. 

These new trends in digital marketing are trying to make it so that companies can’t afford not being authentic about their missions. Those who are genuine about their mission are much more likely to attract customer and stakeholder loyalty. 

Any business idea that centers only on the profits-such as the old grapefruit diet-is doomed to fail sooner or later anyway. Not only because it’s greedy but because it’s not likely to be something healthy and could even be dangerous.

5. Losing the gap to unmet needs. 

Up to this point, business digitality has had a lot of loopholes. One of them being a real sense of connectedness in the customer service aspect. As a result, real face-to-face screen time is expected to increase everywhere.

6. Increasing trustworthiness. 

In this day and age of a super-connection to data analysis, companies also can’t afford not being transparent. There is also a lot of expectancies for companies to increase their cybersecurity methods against the misuse of their data and hacking. Both of which are currently major issues and ones that cybersecurity has had a lot of difficulties keeping up with.

7. Increased connections. 

Traditional boundaries are now increasingly shrinking. As a result, companies are expected to start being able to navigate through not only their competition but also across the globe. This will be able to help improve trade methods tremendously.

A Few Other Hot Digital Marketing Topics

Amazon Alexa saw an immediate popularity explosion. From there, it’s expected that everything from ordering groceries to asking about song titles will be transferred to voice commands. As a result, if you don’t already have Alexa, it’s highly recommended that you prepare yourself to do a little more verbalizing.

2. Live video. 

Live videos have become the preferred method of social media and preferred over blogs and written posts. This is likely to see an explosion.

3. Good old artificial intelligence. 

While we’re still not to the point of building robots like Bicentennial Man, the next steps in artificial intelligence are expected to help keep declining and/or existing strategies good as new. 


There is never any telling where new trends will lead. However, everything mentioned above is expected to keep evolving and not see declines anytime soon.

Author Bio

Devin Schumacher

Devin Schumacher is an internet entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant. Currently acting as CEO of SERP Co, a full-service digital marketing agency, Devin also advises & mentors numerous marketing consultants, agencies & local businesses as the head of SERP University – a place for learning cutting edge digital marketing strategies, free.


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