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Gabriella Sannino by title is an International SEO Consultant, however titles never did mean much to her. As an Italian growing up in Beirut, Lebanon she knew at a young age to look at life differently.  As a child, she spent time in Italy, Lebanon, Crete and Greece (among other places), gathering languages like some people gather clothes – a little Arabic here, a little French there, I think I’ll take some of that English, too… By the time she reached college age, she’d learned to speak five languages fluently, and understand a few more.

Gabriella had a dream. She wanted to work with clients on a different level than she found in the corporate world. She wanted freedom away from the briefcases. She wanted to wear tennis shoes instead of high heels. It took awhile to get there, from the dot bomb in the early 90’s to eventually opening the doors to Level343 and never looking back.

Now, Level343 is a bustling, growing business. We open our doors on Monday morning, suck down a few pots of coffee and dig with full gusto into the day. Gabriella uses her real world experiences to help clients gain a foothold and keep it in the competitive online marketplace. She runs Level343 with quick wit and a notepad. Lists are her friend. Feel free to stalk her, or just say hello on one of her favorite social networks.

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