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International SEO Guide: Moving products around the globe

The Big Guide on International SEO

In this international SEO guide, I'll cover some of the important sections of global marketing and optimization. You'll find out the types of businesses that international marketing can help, three ways to know if it's not something you need, and a 6-question quiz to find out if you're ready for the big market. I'm excited to share this information with you; international marketing strategies are my favorite! (more…)

email lists

What Are Email Whitelists, and How Do I End Up in Them?

As a digital marketer, you likely spend a lot of time on emails. You agonize over the content and colors, trying to find the ideal combination that will increase engagement. You check and double-check links, ensuring the user experience is seamless. After all your hard work, the last thing you want is your email to end up in the spam folder. Marketers rely on whitelists to get their emails seen. With smart email clients like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, promotional or suspicious-looking content may never meet the eyes of the intended user. (more…)

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Push vs Pull Marketing

Push vs. Pull Marketing: What’s the Difference?

It’s important to understand the differences and similarities between push marketing and pull marketing. In simple terms, push marketing entails the marketing actions that promote products and services. With pull strategies, marketers hope to provide products or services that will draw consumers in by the power of the brand. (more…)

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marketing message

Does Your Marketing Message Leave A Bad Taste?

I recently went to an airshow to watch planes scream down the runway. It was fantastic - death-defying feats of aerial acrobatics right before our eyes! Wow! I didn't mind the crowds or the burning sun, but what sticks out in my mind is the food. Now, those who know me are already asking me, "Alright Lacy, where's the marketing lesson?" Of course, you know there has to be one. (more…)

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Understanding the Marketing Funnel

There was a time in the world when a marketing funnel consisted of point, click and make a sale. That day has long since passed. Fewer people can remember when they saw a newspaper or television advertisement and rushed to the store to make a purchase. Today, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of channels from which the consumer arrives at making a buying decision. (more…)

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