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Integrating the 7P’s Marketing Mix Into Your Digital Business Model

  Marketing is a continually evolving discipline. Companies that take marketing too lightly or that stand still too long soon find out the competition has overtaken them. The best example of marketing evolving is to consider that the original 4Ps [...]

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Everything You Need to Know When Rebranding a Small Business

  Today one of the major customer turnovers that a small business is bound to experience is over the web. Of course, the thought of branding is daunting as it is not an easy task to get together all the [...]

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How the 4 P’s of Marketing Translate to Today’s Online Business

  The 4Ps of marketing (product, place, promotion and price) have long been a standard of how marketers approach their craft. In fact, they're still in use today. However, marketing, like everything else in the world, evolves, and those doing the marketing [...]

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How Successful Content Creators Ensure Each Post Addresses The Needs Of The Audience

  Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “Content is king. But context is queen, and she runs the household.” This is certainly true for most successful content creators. After all, it’s hard to build an audience if you’re not putting your content [...]

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How To Avoid These 7 Costly Marketing Mistakes

Anyone ‘s marketing campaign can fail if certain rules aren’t followed. It’s just the nature of the business. Having failed, the best thing a marketer can do in planning the next campaign is to have a solid understanding of why [...]

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