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How One Simple Social Media Post Can Help Awareness

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, social media websites and platforms have been playing a crucial role in distributing news about its spread. With such a wide scope in terms of responsibility and overall power over information dissemination, many social media sites are coming forward to do whatever they can to help. However, part of that power resides within the ones who use social media, and you’re one of them. How can you use your social media profile or page to spread awareness among others?

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Data Analysis: KPIs and ROI in digital marketing

What Are KPI and ROI in Digital Marketing?

In the old days, you would measure the effectiveness of your marketing by how many customers shopped at your store or the success of an ad campaign. If any formal measurements were taken, they would usually be in the form of a survey that asked how you heard about their company or how many unique codes were returned from a coupon campaign. That way, you could determine how many coupons were redeemed and from what areas or which marketing platforms were hitting the target market and by what percent. Nowadays, we have more sophisticated metrics, wider coverage, and many different business...

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digital marketing tactics

4 Tips for Marketing in the Digital Economy

Today's economy is increasingly digital, and you can see that change reflected in marketing tactics. Think back to when companies primarily marketed through catalogs, postcards and letters urging people to avail of free or discounted offers. Now, most of them appeal to people through the internet. The physical ads they do use often have digital aspects, too. For example, a person might aim their smartphone at a particular part of a poster to launch a digital experience. The rise of the digital economy means marketers have to adjust their efforts. What worked well 10 years ago may be irrelevant now. Here...

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How to Drive Readers to Your Blog

How to Drive More Readers to your Blog

The internet is a crowded place in 2020. It’s definitely possible to have a successful blog these days, but you can’t just write posts here and there and expect to build a loyal following of readers. You need to create consistent, compelling content and learn how to bring traffic to your site if you want to grow your readership. (more…)

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Fine Tuning Your Conversion Points

Fine-Tuning Your Conversion Points: Strengthening Your Call to Actions

You have great content with solid SEO and a nice hook to get eyes on your page, but that's not translating to conversions. What gives? Before you scratch your head and go back to the drawing board - or give up completely - take a critical look at your conversion points and how clear your intentions really are at each. One of the most common culprits is sometimes the smallest: your Call to Action (CTA). (more…)

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