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International SEO consultant is my title...but who cares about those? What I love is creating strategies that include marketing, social, SEO, relevance, ruffling feathers and starting revolutions. What you read on this blog will hopefully inspire you to continue the conversation. When I'm not multitasking around Level343 I sneak away and go sailing. I'm crazy about pistachios, and of course Nutella.

10 Terrific Tips for Beginning Business Bloggers

Not every business can benefit from a blog. The cost in time, resources and/or money can be more than the return. However, those businesses are few and far between. The fact is that we are in the era of Profersonal [...]

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Evergreen Content: Maximizing Your Copy For Long Lasting Effect

Writing copy is hard work. With all the effort put into your writing, the last thing you want to do is rewrite the same topic a month from now. This is where evergreen content comes in to play. In today's [...]

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Don’t Miss Out! Injecting Urgency Into Your Writing For Procrastinating Prospects

Good user experience and well written copy sometimes just aren’t enough to get the sale. Even after explaining all the benefits you have to offer, there are many that curiously don't decide to buy. This could be because they just [...]

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