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Surprising Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Without Discounts

Learn how to build customer loyalty programs that attract, inspire, and convert without the discounts.

These days, global brands are going all out for customer satisfaction, identifying happy customers as the key to financial prosperity. Since customer loyalty is directly linked to growing revenue, it is a no-brainer for you, the business owner, to place the client experience high up on the priority list to ensure it is a good one. 

Now, there are many strategies that different industries can use to improve their customer base or retain their present customer base, from simple discount programs to reward points to imaginative stuff. That’s why we’ve prepared this problem-solving guide, which can easily help you improve your customer base and, hence, your business.

Problems Arising When Start a Customer Loyalty Program and How to Solve Them

Exploring prominent customer loyalty programs can provide valuable insights into effectively maintaining customers and expanding the customer base. Various companies employ different methods to promote loyalty, but strategic mistakes can hinder their progress. 

How can businesses steer clear of these traps and create thriving loyalty programs? How does technology contribute to improving customer satisfaction? We’ve prepared the top 5 problems you can face when setting up a loyalty program, along with the solutions to the said issues.

1. Non-individualized loyalty programs 

One of the most common errors enterprises make when using client incentive programs is not tailoring them. The modern customer expects personalized experiences built around their unique preferences and behaviors. Without the personal touch, a generic rewards and incentive program is unlikely to appeal to all customers, which could result in disengagement and less loyalty. You can leverage data analytics for customer insights around behaviors and preferences. By providing this information, you can tailor rewards that cater to different customer segments. 

2. Illogical rewarding process 

But another problem created is difficulty in earning and using the rewards. Consumers desire simplicity; less complex loyalty programs make it easier to participate. So, make sure your loyalty offers are clear and easy to understand. Design an easy-to-use mobile application that offers a simplified explanation of how customers can earn and redeem rewards. You can deploy features such as one-click redemptions and real-time updates on the status of a reward. 

3. Ignoring customer feedback 

Failing to elicit or ignoring customer feedback can result in a business not knowing how well its loyalty programs are working. Hence, feedback is a must for improvement, and product design caters to customer needs. For that, you can survey people about what they like in a loyalty program by asking questions in all of the channels they are using to interact with your brand. Analyze this feedback to find what you need to improve in your service and make modifications in order to offer your buyers a better experience. 

4. Focusing solely on discounts 

Using discounts as a loyalty tool works, but it massively devalues your product or service in the process, so it is not the be-all and end-all. This can slowly shift customers to start expecting discounts and lower the overall profitability of the program. That’s why you can diversify the rewards in your loyalty program. The special rewards can make the customer loyalty program feel exclusive and higher in value. Additionally, consider how a loyalty program can complement other marketing initiatives, such as  rebranding your organization by showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction and building long-term brand loyalty.

5. Failing to communicate value 

You have to sell your customers on the importance of enrolling in your customer loyalty program. If that value does not come through, they might not understand why they should be part of the program in the first place or keep on staying engaged. Ensure your loyalty program is communicated across channels and keep regular communication with updates on new rewards, program changes, and exclusive offers. Make sure that the messaging reiterates the benefits of staying loyal customers. 

Solving these common problems will turn arrant customers into the most valuable of all. This leads to a high customer retention rate and even draws in new customers to expand the business.

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Program to Implement

So if you’re still on the fence about investing in a loyalty program for your business while conducting a successful brand building, let us help you find out the reasons why it’s time to make an investment in driving customer loyalty.

Enhancing customer retention and spend

Loyal customer is the intestines in any successful business. Return customers not only purchase faster, but they also spend more money. They reference your brand and trust your goods or services, which leads to higher average order values and repeat sales. A stable business is a business that has a predictable revenue stream which can provide your business with a base for growth.

Competitive advantage

The loyalty program has an important role to play in the winning advantage of your business. Differentiating your brand is so crucial in a crowded market. A unique way to differentiate your business from the competition is with a customer loyalty program that rewards and incentivizes the type of clients that care most about these sorts of things. Even a minor competitive edge makes a difference when customers are trying to decide if they should open their wallets.

Affordable consumer retention

All this comes with a price tag on paper, while digital loyalty programs offer you cost effective solution for customer retention. Companies can achieve high return on investment with minimal costs. You can easily scale your loyalty program through technology, while reducing costs associated with controlling and monitoring it. Those big cost savings in just keeping the customers that you have (who are much easier and less expensive to keep than finding new ones) add up over time.

The improved relationship with customers

Membership programs strengthen your customer relations. Recognising the loyalty of your returning customers by rewarding them for repeat business, creates a deeper emotional connection of the client with your brand. This also translates into higher satisfaction in your customer since they feel more valued and understood. Satisfied customers are more likely to return as well as offer valuable feedback.

Valuable customer insights

Loyalty programs are a gold mine of customer behavior and buying power data. This data is able to assist in customizing marketing strategies, personalizing customer experiences, and creating ideal products or services for desired customer prospects. Knowing what causes customer loyalty empowers businesses to make informed decisions that will fuel the further growth of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

More word-of-mouth referrals

Satisfied and loyal customers will be more inclined to refer you to friends and family. An effective customer program gets people talking about your company and turns them into dedicated brand ambassadors. This brings in new business through referrals. It helps if these referring visitors are not from ads because coming from an ad is correlated with being less likely to recommend a site, so all in all, this is a win-win.

Hyper personalized marketing

Loyalty programs are also a fantastic way for businesses to gain valuable data, allowing for highly targeted marketing campaigns. Customized deals and communications can improve the customer experience considerably, making customers feel special and valued. This sort of personalization can help drive further engagement and increase conversion rates, making your customer loyalty program even more impactful.

Increase in customer lifetime value 

People that do customer loyalty programs have a much higher lifetime value. With each repeat purchase, the customer becomes more invested in the brand, increasing their likelihood to become a long-term customer and spend more in the long run. These incremental lifetime values can add up and greatly affect the profitability of your company, which is what makes loyalty programs an essential component for long-term business strategies.


Creating a loyalty program is not just about employing marketing methods to grow your audience. Customer loyalty programs’ benefits are much more than just reward fulfillment. This makes them important to your customer retention and relationship-building initiatives and allows you to expand your business. Knowing and playing to these strengths can enable you to create a loyalty program that not only meets customer needs but exceeds them, delivering strong, long-lasting financial returns.

If you want to know more about how to start a customer loyalty program for your business and unlock its full potential for customer retention, brand advocacy, and long-term growth, contact the team of customer engagement experts. They can help you design a program tailored to your unique business goals and target audience.

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Learn how to build customer loyalty programs that attract, inspire, and convert without the discounts.

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