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Chicks Who Click: Growing Success One Opportunity at a Time

Did you know success could be fed and watered like a plant? Most definitely: in business, we just call it promotion and sales. Well, today, I’m excited to share an opportunity with you, our readers.

If you follow Level343, JRPittman or SEOCopy on Twitter, you know we’re involved in the promotion and support of business women throughout the world. Whether mentoring, consulting or promoting, we work to help other women succeed. Several years ago, we started #honoringwomenwednesday. A few years ago, we started our 2012 Top Women of SEO. And now…

“Chicks Who Click”

Starting middle to (maybe) the end of April, Jahnelle and I will be hosting a 30-45 minute radio talk show, recorded and distributed via podcast through SEODojo Radio, as well as our own distribution channels. Many of you have read about the Dojo here, but if not, please read Become an SEO Warrior: How Do You Get the Low Down on SEO? for an informative look at this great community.

We’re super excited about this opportunity, and I’ll tell you why. To be honest, one reason is that I’ve had a lifelong dream to be a radio talk host. Two, we’re a global company, and extending that international flavor to our guests; we’ll be chatting with amazing, talented women from Italy, Britain, India, and Canada, as well as others.

The rest of the excitement, of course, is due to something much more important.

Each podcast of Chicks Who Click, we’ll be interviewing successful women online. From the search industry, content developers, technical writers, mom bloggers, inspirational speakers, artists: a large variety of women from differing cultures, backgrounds and stories.

Yes, Chicks Who Click is right in so many ways. We hope that by listening to women from different regions of the world, learning about their culture and struggles, you might find inspiration. For the business minded, this could give you better insight into how culture matters in the way you approach your markets. For those search for personal enlightenment, it’s a chance to see what you have for what it is, and compare it to the rest of the world, whether good, bad or indifferent.

Women Working

These women have built their businesses, but success isn’t achieved without struggle. Lessons learned from experience are the second best lessons ever. Lessons learned from others’ experiences come first! Throughout the talk show, we’ll be picking through the lessons these women have gained, in the hopes to share their struggles, experiences and golden advice.

–And I do mean golden advice. We have over fifteen confirmed spots already, including:

  • Dr. Anne Perschel (American leadership psychologist)
  • Debra Mastaler (American master link builder, mother, speaker)
  • Julia Rosein (Canadian SEO/SM Strategist, radio personality)
  • Kindra Hibrawi (A Syrian American painter, calligrapher)
  • Susan Geraeds (A Dutch woman living in Rome who’s a Director SEO, Content & Geography for one of the largest hotel & traveling booking sites online today. Expedia Inc. )

…and so much more! It’s going to be fantastic!

Now, let me discuss the white elephant in the room. I have nothing against guys. I know many wonderful men that are nurturing, smart, creative, whiz-bang geniuses and whatnot. –And, we’ll be talking with some of them, as well, throughout the show. However, we’ve met a lot of smart, fantastic women through the years, and we’re looking forward to introducing them to you; it might take a while!

The amazing part is that every woman we’ve asked has said “yes” so far. I really thought it would be more of a struggle to find guests. I mean, I could barely get Jahnelle to say yes (big secret time: she’s incredibly shy). Actually, I’m shy, too. That is, until I start discussing something I’m passionate about.

You probably wouldn’t know this by the content we write. Our “no holds barred” style has been welcomed by the industry and you, our readers. Thank you; we’ve been able to do a lot of growing over the past year or so.

This attitude is how I envision Chicks Who Click. A safe place where we can discuss, chat, share and do what women do best: become girlfriends. A place where women from all countries can network and nurture the hopes and dreams of others.

It’s important to note they aren’t all in the marketing industry, but they all have something important to teach. Some of the questions on our list to ask include:

  • What do you think of Technology today?
  • Does everyone have what it takes to get into business and/or search marketing, or does it take  a certain frame of mind?
  • When did you realize you have to start your own business?
  • Why do so many online marketing campaigns fail?
  • What, in your estimation, is the value of your particular field of business?
  • Can you “stack the odds” of a marketing campaign in your favor? If so, how?
  • What advice would you give a young lady coming out of college?
  • What do you think about online reputation?
  • What is the single, most valuable piece of advice you can give people who are thinking about pursuing a career in search marketing?
  • What is the single, most valuable piece of advice you can give someone thinking about starting their own business?

The big thing is we’re not looking for every woman to answer every question. We’re looking for discussion. We want to give you, the readers/listeners, an opportunity to learn more than what you can read anywhere online. We want to give you added value.

This is nothing new; talk shows have been around forever, of course. However, we’re independent. We can pretty much take the show in whatever direction is needed – so you can never be absolutely positive how a guest spot might turn out. We might spend all half hour discussing how the U.S. and Britain cultures differ, or, we might end up talking about raising kids as a full time working mom.

Oh – and I almost forgot. When we do start recording, which will be in the next two weeks, we’ll post a tweet notifier. Although the podcasts won’t be live, you’ll still have a chance to submit a question you’d like answered. Make sure you follow @jrpittman @SEOCopy and @level343, for news and updates on #chickswhoclick!

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  1. Nice blog – especially the quote by Jon Lennon – but I’d rather it be more gender-blind. Anyone can do this seo-thing and internet marketing if they put their mind to it. No need to focus on women, although of course its your blog and i can understand the historical impetus.

  2. I can’t believe I missed this post! Really thrilled to see you and Jahnelle are going to be doing this show, Gabs! Knowing the two of you, it’ll be a must-listen! Break a leg!

  3. Wow, this is fantastic! I am so looking forward to hearing from these amazing women, and making new friendships. Thanks to you both, Gabriella & Jahnelle, for putting the time and effort into such a cool and noble project. You ROCK! 😉

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