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Company Blogging Do’s and Don’ts

Your web presence is up and running smoothly, the visitors are swarming, and even buying your products or services.

Your web presence is up and running smoothly, the visitors are swarming, and even buying your products or services. The next step is to start a related blog.

Your blog might be a place for your customers to ask questions, to talk to other customers, or to find more detailed information about your company, services and products.  Whatever the purpose and intended goal for your blog, there are a few generally accepted rules, which apply to all company or business blogs, that will keep visitors coming back.

Don’t promise anything you don’t plan or aren’t able to deliver.

Blogging about your company is comparable to new parents talking about their child. The tendency to brag is natural and often hard to control. However, making claims about how early baby learned to read is a completely different level of “white lie” than claiming that your product can cure cancer.  No one is going to get hurt or sue you if baby hasn’t really learned to read yet.

Do post regularly and relevantly.

A blog that has useless, unrelated or outdated information is not going to keep readers coming back to find out more. Keep up with current industry trends, updates on your business and other things that might be interesting to your customers.

Don’t make accusations or complaints against the competition.

Your customers don’t want to know about what’s wrong with the other guy; they want to know what’s right about you. Cutting down the competition is petty, unprofessional and immature.  Even if the other guy is trashing you, don’t sink to his level. If you can’t ignore his bad mouthing, then find a way to reply that negates his accusations, but maintains your integrity and respectability.

Do read over, proof and edit all of your posts before you post them.

One of the best things about blogging, over face-to-face communications, is that we can completely avoid that trait – the one where we sometimes forget to check what came from our brain and out of our mouths.  We’ve all done it, opened our mouth so that something we’re going to regret for a long, long time can spew forth all over an unfortunate if not undeserving victim. Always rethinking a post before you post it can really help prevent that from ever happening on your blog.

What tips would you have added for blogging businesses? Share them with our readers!

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2 Responses

  1. This is the superb information!

    I just wanted to add my point.

    Take Opinions from your customers and potential customers… This will give then the ownership feeling and what you can potentially get is word of mouth and credibility among your customers.

    1. Great point, Moosa – asking your customers’ opinions, or even creating polls and surveys, is an excellent way to keep your company blog on track. Thanks for weighing in!

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