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5 Ways Unique Content Marketing Grows Your Business

Want to learn how to start growing your business? Here are 5 of the best ways unique content marketing helps grows your business.

There are many reasons having unique content marketing is important for a company or organization. One of these reasons is that it helps to build a brand and allows you to target specific audiences.

Unique content can help grow your business by providing high-quality, engaging information that people want to consume. It also helps to increase the trust factor that many businesses rely on when it comes to building their brand.

In this article, you will find five ways to create unique content marketing for your business. The benefits of these strategies include being more different and interesting by using a different perspective, drawing new customers, and increasing the trustworthiness of your brand. To learn more about content marketing checkout our recent post “What is Content Marketing?“.

1. Create unique content by telling a story.

Tell a story about your business or product that compels your prospect to dig in and read more.

Here’s a tip from Toastmasters on how to engage an audience: incorporate the three elements of a good story: a beginning, middle, and end. It’s hard to create a story without a plot, but it’s possible. Start with an opening line that doesn’t give away all the facts—it just intrigues your reader to want to find out what happens next.

Think about what type of people would be engaging in your brand story, what kind of place they live in, and how they interact with each other and their environment.

Read how to create compelling content for storytelling brands.

2. Offer freebies or discounts with your content.

Offer freebies or discounts with your content. Build a loyal following who will follow you everywhere.

Here’s how you can implement this unique content marketing strategy:

  • Offer access to content for early bird readers
  • Give away limited-edition swag, such as posters or t-shirts when they sign up for your newsletter
  • Tie into a holiday and offer something free in exchange for their email address

First, ensure that the offer is relevant and justified by making sure that your offer is unique. It has no competition in the marketplace. Second, make sure that it adds real value to your reader’s life. Finally, don’t go overboard and overwhelm readers with your generosity.

There are different ways that you could do this—either with paid offers or with free offers. One way would be using affiliate marketing techniques by offering other companies’ products at discounted rates on your website or blog.

Another method is to promote the giveaway on your social media channels and then use it as an incentive for people to subscribe to your newsletter.

3. Find inspiration from other companies.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. When it comes to writing, finding the right inspiration for a task can be difficult. However, there are many sources of inspiration that we can turn to.

Here are some possible sources of inspiration:

  • Find other companies with similar or similar niche products and services in your market.
  • Find people within your own industry who are doing things that you want to do (and find out what other companies they work for).
  • Look at the products and services you offer and see how they compare with those of other companies.
  • Look at what people in your target audience would likely choose based on their budget and lifestyle preferences.

Some of the most popular companies to look at include Apple and Amazon. These two companies have done an excellent job at getting their message across to their customers in clever and unique ways. There are many more companies that use unique content marketing strategies.

If you are looking for inspiration, try checking out what these brands have been doing well that you could apply in your niche. Sometimes it is just a matter of finding creative companies and analyzing their content to get a better understanding of how they approach various issues.

You could also get inspired by your competitors. What are your competitors doing better than you? Check out their marketing strategy or browse through their social media channels.

4. Create local content that supports community events and organizations.

This may seem like the most obvious tip, but it is easy for businesses to get caught up in trends and start creating content just because everyone else is doing it. That ultimately leads to bland, boring campaigns that don’t resonate with local customers. There are several ways to support your community and raise your brand awareness locally. Here are four ways to raise local brand awareness:

  1. Do outreach in the form of press releases, personal contact and by phone to local media to tell them your unique brand story and willingness to help them. We have found that putting together an impactful media kit and mailing it to journalists that cover the industry or local news and events will help a great deal in getting access to them by phone. When the gatekeeper hears that you had sent information in the mail and you just want to confirm the journalist received it you will get through to the person with less scrutiny from the receptionist or secretary.
  2. Join local organizations and associations which provide excellent way to network with other local business owners. Often long term relationships that benefit both parties come from these networking opportunities. Once you have created a relationship with these other business people you’ll find it can lead to co-promotions, guest blogging and more.
  3. Participation in local events is an incredibly good way to produce a positive local vibe around your brand. Your brand awareness gets a big lift when people see that you are active in the community supporting organizations that improve their quality of life and community. Many businesses provide financial support, however, far fewer show up and participate as volunteers for the event. Your community will see the value your business brings to the community and gladly support your business with sales and referrals!
  4. Create content that provides support for local events and organizations with sponsorships, promotion and merchandise. Although we believe volunteer participation in local events is a better way to show support the above forms of support are often more available, however, not as effective as the personal touch volunteer participation provides.

Content marketing goes a long way to raising your local brand awareness, reaching new customers and diverse audiences! A local audience takes less of your precious time, resources and travel expenses to cultivate new audiences. The downside being the size of the local audience may be smaller depending on the city.

Local content marketing has a huge impact on your ability to build the local links that are required to get entry into the Local Pak. Foundational links are often received from joining local organizations and associations, sponsorships and occasionally volunteering.

Generally foundational links are thought to be low quality and low value, however, the links that are generated from local content marketing and networking are generally on domains that Google trusts so the risk is lower than for other foundational link opportunities.

5. Create imaginative content.

If you want to be really creative when developing content for your business, consider creating content that is specific: e.g. if you sell glasses, then create content about what type of sunglasses to wear on your tropical vacation or how much it costs to buy glasses that make you look more professional at work.

To get the best results from your unique content marketing strategy, make sure that you are providing an experience and not just information. This means that your audience will be able to connect with your company on an emotional level rather than just learning more about your business.

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Want to learn how to start growing your business? Here are 5 of the best ways unique content marketing helps grows your business.

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