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“Content is king,” SEOs, copywriters and search engines say. Content helps search engines decide relevance, helps bring visitors in and converts them into paying customers, avid readers and loyal followers. With something so important to your online business success, you want to make sure you’re putting out the right content. Not sure what that is? Read on.

Personalized marketing: selling to the individual

Personalized Marketing: Definitions and Examples

My inbox is full of offers for pharmaceuticals I’ve never wanted, questionable private inbox messages from people I don’t know on platforms I’ve never been, and suspicious content from the people at Go.o.ogle who want me to know that my password needs to be changed by going through the link in the email. I’m sure you have variations of the same, and they all have one thing in common. They are all perfect examples of personalized marketing gone wrong. (more…)
6 reasons why content marketing is still king | Level343 LLC

6 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Still King in 2020

We are habitually looking for product reviews, expert advice, and how-to’s to get knowledge about anything we need to buy. The internet has been keeping the users informed since the invention of the World Wide Web in 1990, though the access parameters were not as vast. After remarkable inventions, we now have access to comprehensive material regarding everything at the drop of a hat, but still, content marketing is king. "As a research tool, the internet is invaluable." ―Noam Chomsky All over the world, the dynamics of marketing have taken a whole new shape. Gone are the days when...
7 Marketing Psychology That Will Convert More Buyers | Level343 LLC

7 Psychological Principles That Will Convert More Buyers

Just changing the words you use to describe a product changes the reader's perception of that item. Wouldn't you rather eat something described as delicious and decadent, or will tasty suffice? One of the most effective ways to use strategic marketing psychology is through content creation, which covers all of the basics of eCommerce marketing. It also very neatly incorporates seven psychological principles of marketing that we'll discuss in this article.
magnifying glass with SEO concepts

5 SEO Strategies That Will Never Die and Here’s Why

If you've been in the marketing game long enough, you'll notice that some SEO strategies remain on the list of best practices from year to year. In the old days, such strategies were limited to keywords and minor tweaks here and there. Now, SEO marketing covers a range of techniques and content types. In fact, content marketing has been embraced by 90 percent of B2B marketers as the predominate strategy for lasting, organic SEO. (more…)