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How To Craft A High Impact About Us Page

The About Us page is often ignored as the redheaded stepchild of the site, but it shouldn't be. Learn why, and how, to craft a high impact About Us page.

Most of the pages on your website are a resource meant to educate your readers about their problems, and your solutions.

But there’s one page one your site that’s special. It’s the About Us page.

And getting it right is one of the keys to establishing yourself as a brand in your space.

In this article we’ll look at how to craft a high impact About Us page. One that answers your reader’s questions about your company. And brings them closer to a sale in the process.

What’s The Point Of An About Us Page?

When you think about it, there’s no reason you have to make an About Us page. You could just skip it.

So why bother?

Well, your About Us page serves a couple of important functions. 

First, it answers a lot of questions about your company. It covers questions that aren’t found in a traditional FAQ. For example, who is in charge? Why does the company exist?

Second, a strong About Us page humanizes your organization. Your company is magically transformed from a random website on the internet, to one run by real people, with real personalities.

Third, it’s an opportunity to share your values and differentiators. These days, products tend to be a lot alike. So an About Us page will explain why you should buy from THIS organization, instead of your many other options.

Tell Your Story

Some of the best stories begin with “once upon a time”. And your About Us page isn’t much different.

Think of your story as, well, a story. Start at the beginning and tell your audience what you do. And why you do it.

Along the way you can share all the tidbits about your company that makes things interesting for the reader.

Basically, your story is a chance for the reader to understand where you are coming from. And enables them to empathise with your victories, challenges, and values.

Stories Answer Questions

Your story is a chance to share about yourself and your company with your audience. 

It’s also the best way to answer questions they may be wondering about your company. To that end, your story needs to focus on facts – not hyperbole. Avoid using hype and stay humble.

Below are 7 questions your About Us page should (ideally) address. Your readers probably aren’t actively wondering about many of these points. But they’ll be glad to learn them when they do.

How Did The Company Start?

Just like a superhero, your company has its own origin story. What were your circumstances before the company? What was the point when you decided you HAD to start your own firm? Why not keep working in your previous situation?

When readers understand where you are coming from, they feel a connection. If they’re on your website to solve a problem that you’ve already solved then they know you understand their frustration.

What Challenges Did You Overcome?

Rocky movies tend to follow a predictable pattern. Rocky gets beat up at the beginning. Then there is a training montage. And then he wins in the end. It’s a predictable formula, but one that doesn’t get old.

And you can use it, too.

Don’t be afraid to share some unvarnished truth. Your readers will understand you aren’t perfect. And everyone appreciates a bit of vulnerability.

Open up about some of your early missteps. What went wrong, and how did you move past the early failures.

Humans aren’t perfect. And when readers see that you made lots of early mistakes, it only makes you more real in their eyes.

What Were The Steps Along The Way?

A story is a journey. And every journey has achievements along the way. What were the big milestones you passed on the way to where you are now?

Along the way did you win any awards that your readers should know about? Maybe you received some positive press?

Wins are just as important as the stumbles. So make sure your readers know about them!

Who’s Running Things?

The point of an About Us page is to humanize your company. So share a bit about the founders and the team. Who’s running things? What is everyone’s area of responsibility? 

Use photos to make the team come alive. Humans are trained from birth to respond to faces. A name is just a name, but an image makes people feel real.

What’s Your Process?

Give readers a peek behind the curtain. Show them where the magic happens, and how the work is done. The better your readers understand your process, the more likely they are to connect with your brand. Afterall, we need to see the effort that goes into an outcome before we can fully appreciate it.

What Are Your Values?

What are your values as a person or as a company? What are the intrinsic motivators that keep you going? Buyers want to know what makes you tick. And the more they empathize with your core values, the more they want to work with you.

How Are You Different?

Consumers are becoming increasingly spoilt for choice. Which means they can be intentional about who they buy from. Use the About Us page to focus on your points of differentiation from your competitors. Maybe you are smaller, so you care more? Is your development process unique? No matter what your business is, you are doing something different than anyone else. Find your points of differentiation and celebrate them.

Close With A Call To Action

Your About Us page is one of the most visited pages on your website. So it has the potential to be one of the highest converting pages on your website.

Now that you’ve introduced yourself to your reader, give them the opportunity to introduce themselves, too. Include a call to action that invites them to take the next step in your relationship. 

Example About Us Page

Take a look at the About Us page on Mad Lemmings. Ashley does an incredible job of introducing himself, and sharing his passion for his work.

He starts off in story mode. “Back in 2001…” 

As his story unfolds we learn about his personal tragedy when he shattered his leg. That’s hard to ignore! 

He then shares how his challenges with a shattered leg lead to a burgeoning love of online marketing.

His page details exactly what outcomes his clients can expect to enjoy by working with him. 

And at the bottom of the page he invites the reader to review his portfolio and reach out to connect.

The end result is the reader feels like they know Ashley well. They understand his motivations, and appreciate the value of his work.

It’s A Work Of Love

Your About Us page is a work of love.

It’s where you share who you are, and how your unique journey can improve the lives of your clients.

Are you convinced? 

Take another look at your site’s About Us page. Maybe there’s a way to make it even more personal?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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