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5 eCommerce On-Page Optimization Tips: Standing out from the crowd

5 eCommerce On-Page Optimization Tips: Standing Out from the Crowd

By 2020, there was approximately 24 million eCommerce sites in the world, according to digitalcommerce360, with more being added daily. Of course, not all 24 million are in your niche, selling your particular products, but you should get the idea that standing out from the crowd is of utmost importance. So, the question is, dear reader, what are you doing to stand out?
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Marketing With Mobile Apps

Looking for a way to make your SMB stand out from the crowd? Consider creating a mobile app that adds value to the customer experience. They're one of the fastest growing, but most underused, marketing techniques around. That's understandable, to some extent. Not all small businesses are tech-related, and those outside of the tech industry rarely feel they have the budget or expertise to create one that's useful and relevant to their business model. That's not you. (more…)
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Essential Ways Mobile Apps are Making Small Enterprises Smarter

Every small business owner knows they can't opt for the investment-intensive outdoor ads and traditional marketing campaigns that have always been the strongholds of global corporations and leading brands. Thanks to the ease of reaching out to a broader audience and making quick inroads into the market, small businesses now prefer mobile websites, social media campaigns, and mobile apps. (more…)
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Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Traffic

In case you haven't heard, mobile is the word for the year. Smartphones and tablets are nothing new. But, mobile traffic and usage are expected to increase by seven times their current rate within the next two years. Not only have rates of usage increased, opening up new markets in some of the most remote regions of the world, the ways we use our mobile devices is also evolving. They've reshaped business culture, communications, and how we shop. Many financial transactions begin and end on a mobile device. As of last July, even Google has altered their algorithms to...