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3 Mobile Marketing Strategies: Targeting Consumers on the Move

Mobile marketing strategies - or at least marketing strategies that contain a mobile arm - are becoming increasingly more important for business survival. Mobile is changing the landscape of online business and brands have to adapt, evolve and overcome.  Carpe [...]

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4 Cool Reasons Why You Should Use Snapchat Lenses To Enhance Your Digital Campaign

The world is truly a changing and every single day, we get inundated by a whole host of information about tech gadgets, some which will make us laugh and some which have the potential to make us weep. Whichever way [...]

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Mobile Ad Design, Google Penalties, Quality Ads and Design Helps

Mobile advertising is huge these day, and rightly so. In 2008, mobile digital media usage was only 12% of the total. Seven years later, it’s become a whopping 51% of all digital media usage. That’s a quite a leap and [...]

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Get Interactive: How Periscope Can Help You Build Your Brand

If you’re looking to improve your brand image and make your customer relationships more interactive, it’s time to try Periscope. Periscope is a live streaming app created and owned by Twitter. Since its release in March 2015, it has been [...]

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Six Reasons Why Mobile Advertisement Funding is Increasing

Mobile advertising expenditures have increased rapidly—and for several reasons. U.S-based mobile advertising expenditures, alone, are slated to increase by approximately 55.3 percent this year, alongside online video’s 15 percent raise. Increasing data has determined the predicted rise, revealing mobile advertisement [...]

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